Why Samsung is losing to Xiaomi.
My thoughts on how Xiaomi has managed to beat Samsung and Apple to number 1 spot in Smartphones! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/mrwhosetheboss

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Oh snap we just hit 8 million!!! 😭 If you want my deep dive on Samsung's confusing Foldable strategy then check here: rsloft.info/loft/video/rLdix4263YPKlmk&

    • Vishnu Chakkambath
      Vishnu Chakkambath

      Your are "Awesome" Sir ❤❤

    • Δ L D O И
      Δ L D O И

      @BruhDoesntExistAtAll cause he is almost going to 9!

    • BruhDoesntExistAtAll

      Let's go! 8m! We can hit 10m this Year!

    • Patel Tirth
      Patel Tirth


    • Válter Reboredo
      Válter Reboredo

      What's wrong!!!??? Let's see.... NO CHARGER IN THE BOX!!! No Headphone Jack, no Micro SD, plastic back, etc... etc...

  • Ashvin Kasture
    Ashvin Kasture


  • SaiToki Gameplays
    SaiToki Gameplays

    actually I just noticed that Samsung advertised their phone with BTS and Everyone knows that BTS have more haters than lovers who just can't tolerate them. And they're on top list of most hated musician groups. Maybe that's why Samsung is below maybe... idk but I think it's one of the major reason

  • Jonas Schenk
    Jonas Schenk


  • 𝓞𝓴 👌
    𝓞𝓴 👌

    Love how in the comment sections there are wars. Some not liking xiaomi and some not liking samsung and some are also neutral. All I care about is having a phone. As long as it works, I'll buy it.

  • Rawang MP
    Rawang MP

    Running water run deep but let's keep it real A page from Elon Musk / Tesler 👏👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿

  • Ballstic Jandle
    Ballstic Jandle

    Thanks for highlighting my comment!

  • Red Jason
    Red Jason

    After having a terrible experience with their repair service and trade in program, this just made my day. My S20 plus is definitely the last Samsung phone for me. Im gonna move to Pixel or One plus after this one.

    • FaraaZ

      Go for Pixel but never go for Oneplus

  • Johan Cristopher Salas Flores
    Johan Cristopher Salas Flores

    samsung is taking the lead with their foldables, I’d love to buy a fold 3, no doubt about it, maybe a couple of generations and they will be in everybody ‘s pocket, once again smartphones are funny and interesting

  • IceyyVortex

    Lol 9:00

  • Rahul R
    Rahul R

    Wow the Chinese shilling in this channel is unreal!!! This guy has sold his soul to CPC for sure !!!

  • gamer world
    gamer world

    At first I thought this channel gives reliable and honest reviews. Even bought a Xiaomi phone (POCO M3). After thar purchase I realized that content from this channel are not really true. Showing only the pros never the real cons. Its been months since this video was uploaded but never was it edited to inform about "Dead Screen" issue with certain Xiaomi units. Atleast give your viewers an idea of that problem

  • Dikel Tripura
    Dikel Tripura

    Love from bangladesh🇧🇩

  • mantas baltuska
    mantas baltuska

    My redmi note 10 is the 5G varient!

  • Fighting Bad Luck
    Fighting Bad Luck

    Meaty 🤣

  • Grunfeld

    What trouble? Samsung has about double the worldwide sales than Xiaomi, you liar.

  • Pragun Sharma
    Pragun Sharma


  • Synan BG
    Synan BG

    Now samsung overtook them again :)

  • EnderKEK


  • Jim St
    Jim St

    You have to be braindamaged to give 500$ and above for a xiaomi….

  • Der Käptn zur See
    Der Käptn zur See


  • Felo Nashaat
    Felo Nashaat

    I Don't Like Xiaomi Phones Bec They Have Ads And Bloatware

  • King Peanut
    King Peanut


  • Thumula Karunaratne
    Thumula Karunaratne


  • Grunfeld

    Xiaomi had a easier path since it was already done by the big companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola. Xiaomi didn't have to risk anything or innovate. Just copy and add more doubios specs "the chinese way" also pirating and slave work always lower the price.

  • Dhaval Kadia
    Dhaval Kadia

    Collects a lot of data. Tracks phone 24x7. Uploads photos to cloud without consent.

  • monuniv


  • Earth Cast
    Earth Cast


  • Legend of Pizza
    Legend of Pizza


  • Jan Be
    Jan Be

    Xiaomi is nice for devices like vacuum but I like my privacy so no Xiaomi Phone for me. Not even if it would be free.

  • vicente / ビセンテ
    vicente / ビセンテ


  • Philmore James
    Philmore James

    It's funny I use to root my phone and out miui on it. Now I'll never switch from Samsung to them. Price isn't going to make me switch. Maybe once they enter the us market I will give them a shot

  • Contact Me To Get Office 365
    Contact Me To Get Office 365

    👆My name says the purpose of this comment

  • Browndigs69

    Please can you do a review on TcL 20L

  • Sunman


  • DarkFalconicRage

    M E A T Y

  • rm

    noice 🤘

  • Tommaso Sezzatini
    Tommaso Sezzatini


  • Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης
    Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης

    I really like the MIUI (especially when I get rid of the bloateare and ads). The early bird pricing is okay by me.

  • BenLT

    It won’t change in the UK everyone here trusts either iPhone or Samsung the others aren’t trusted enough for people to buy

  • Jason Thayer
    Jason Thayer

    Except their not lol.

    • King Peanut
      King Peanut

      Except they clearly are

  • Tse Hong Ling
    Tse Hong Ling

    Samsung wont be in trouble if Xiaomi catch up..Korea will ask USA to ban Xiaomi from Google like what USA did to Huawei. and if OPPO catch up.. then ban OPPO from Google.. that's what USA do.. then all China brands, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus can use Harmony.

  • The shotgun surgeon
    The shotgun surgeon


  • ZX cuber O_o
    ZX cuber O_o


  • Arfah S Gamer
    Arfah S Gamer


  • Ammar Ansari
    Ammar Ansari

    One of the best tech channels I've ever watched

  • farisa tasneem
    farisa tasneem

    Samsungs regained market share right?

  • samiirrrr

    Huel is not offered in Australia :( why advertise regional brands ??

  • AMON Noatak
    AMON Noatak

    Make a retraction video.

  • XIA

    yup, the xiaomi ecosystem is indeed addictive. I have a xiaomi phone, rice cooker, air purifier, gateway and door sensors, wireless switches and smart bulbs. I could automatize my apartment from a fragment of the price of similar systems. and they work fine.

  • Unavailable


  • Mahin Rahman Akash Mahin
    Mahin Rahman Akash Mahin

    Samsung should stop making same phone with 2 different chipsets...... stupid exynos....!

  • nev


  • Dedox3310

    outdated fast huh

  • Gato Loco
    Gato Loco

    Xiaomi is the best in my opinion

  • Jhon Lovestoes36
    Jhon Lovestoes36


  • gghhhjjMaryGrace Sagonda-Chikomwe
    gghhhjjMaryGrace Sagonda-Chikomwe

    I never use a phone from china watch out for fake phones

  • yuva simha
    yuva simha

    Xiaomi won't stay long. The products aren't good now a days.when people catch-up Xiaomi falls

  • Thabang Mamba
    Thabang Mamba

    I'm also leaving Samsung for Redmi😂

  • bruh meme
    bruh meme

    since when did you forget to rick roll us ....

  • Eat Build Ride Repair
    Eat Build Ride Repair

    Are we sure Chinese phone brands are really good? With a lot of bloatware preinstalled, many of them cant even be removed, ads everywhere, and a ridiculously weak video performance, the photo is also weaker than any other big brand, the ShareMe system is worse than Samsung flow, or even windows companion, a lots of ads, no automatic connection, and drains a lot of energy from the phone, so giving the latest screen and CPU tech doesn't make a phone good enough.

  • Failure is stepping stone to success
    Failure is stepping stone to success

    I'm really amazed that xiaomi is selling a flagship specs phone for a ridiculously cheap price I just recently buy a poco x3 pro. I think xiaomi is the best brand for poor/budget gamers out there. I wish they make a gaming laptop for cheaper price.

  • kiribetio123

    And Yet Still in 2021 Samsung again number 1 Apple second place and Xiaomi 3rd place.

    • 𝐅**𝐂𝐊 A.S.S!! 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐜𝐤
      𝐅**𝐂𝐊 A.S.S!! 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐜𝐤

      Everyone: This video is very entertaining. Me: Why is he holding a bloody knife?

  • Pioneer42

    Meaty, I actually went back 10 seconds to read that

  • Nekomancer

    Is this just a big ad for Xiaomi? It kinda comes off like that.

    • XIA

      it's just the facts bro. hard facts you can check yourself if you look up articles.

  • Mali Dan
    Mali Dan

    Samsung have been in trouble since Apple LG HTC Nexus LeEco OP Pixel Huawei All had their moment in the sun. Half of those companies have fallen by the wayside and the rest are nowhere bar Apple whom's sales are falling by the year ( hence the Huawei affair ) But they are still no.1and making a ton of money from component sales.

    • Go To Channel [𝐋!𝐯𝐞 S.A.X]
      Go To Channel [𝐋!𝐯𝐞 S.A.X]

      Been using the Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro for almost a month now and all I can say is WOW! For the small price your paying of only £250, it is a steal of phone for what it's capable of doing. I would recommend this phone to anyone, trust me you won't regret it.

    • H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel
      H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel

      Mrwhosetheboss has three moods: 1. Forgetting his main channel for 2 weeks 2. Forgetting his shorts channel for 2 weeks 3. Forgetting both his channels for 2 weeks

  • nope

    Biggest thing for me is that they keep removing features I like. Headphone jack? Gone. Fingerprint sensor on the back? Gone. Expandable storage? Gone (on most of their models). Samsung devices used to feel premium because you got all the features in one device. Now, you just get what everyone else gets but it's in a shiny package and costs twice as much. The only feature they have left is the stylus built in to their Note series bit it looks like even that might not be a thing anymore. Not sure I'd buy Xiaomi, but when the time does come to say goodbye to my Note 9 I'm not certain I'll be buying another Samsung either. If they aren't going to offer me anything other than "it looks sleek" then I'll be shopping elsewhere.

    • Alondra Palmer
      Alondra Palmer

      When xiaomi launched it was viewed as the "cheap" smartphone brand, but its massive growth over the years shows that people no longer care about the brand.

  • T Gavran
    T Gavran

    Now i hate Xiaomi more.

  • Angus Rezaei
    Angus Rezaei

    Good sound quality and speech ability , plus very good fundamental information 👏

  • Jay Ace
    Jay Ace

    In short, Xiaomi utilizes digital marketing better than samsung that's still going for offline marketing

  • nigelwoolfmobile

    The quality of Samsung's own software isn't helping their cause either and how about all that bloatware that they include in their phones that negatively impacts the phone's performance and battery life.

  • Pardip Das
    Pardip Das

    Disclaimer :This channel is brought by xiaomi.

  • Bangtanionship

    Just came from your failing to humanity video

  • Duane

    I'd you send me a xiaomi I will upgrade from an original Google Pixel and see what it's like for myself. I think it's a good idea 😅

  • TAKV Gaming
    TAKV Gaming


  • K M Mezbaul Hoque
    K M Mezbaul Hoque

    Global MIUI is garbage

  • Zain

    What about the fact that samsung's one ui performs better than miui? What's the points of big number when they don't perform as good? Xiaomi is all about numbers while their software can't even use all that hardware power which makes it worse than samsung's much better optimised OS.

  • DoctorSuper


  • Samarth Rao
    Samarth Rao


  • NintendoGAMER13 - Andreaspoz
    NintendoGAMER13 - Andreaspoz


  • Casual Techy
    Casual Techy

    xiaomi makes huge phones. Not everyone like huge phones. For me there are 4 brands at this point Apple,sony,samsung and google the rest are way over 6.2 inches and they dont make compact flagships

  • Casual Techy
    Casual Techy

    the smaller the glass waterfall the lower the sells XD *plus the price gone up i got my s8 at 600€

    • T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
      T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

      Been using the Xiaomi redmi note 10 pro for almost a month now and all I can say is WOW! For the small price your paying of only £250, it is a steal of phone for what it's capable of doing. I would recommend this phone to anyone, trust me you won't regret it.

  • Exequite

    Thinking about it, Xiaomi's phones are definitely cheaper than Samsung's. But what's the price paid for the huge discount? Constant auto restarting/rebooting of phone, battery draining from 80% to 0% overnight occasionally (imagine a morning alarm not ringing due to this and you got late for work), screen freeze/hang out of nowhere and the only way to restart it is to find a pin and do a force reboot (imagine you are in the middle of an important call when this happens) It all happened to me and guess what, I would rather pay the premium to ensure all these above do not happen. Because let's be real, what does that few hundred dollar difference constitutes of if i got myself fired for missing an important meeting with client because my alarm didn't ring due to the phone battery draining to 0% overnight while I am asleep? (From an ex Xiaomi to a current Samsung user)

    • Exequite

      @SoKool maybe different people has different experience, plus the problem I faced was 4 years ago at least. Who knows Xiaomi might have improved their OS and system, but never would I want to take the plunge again..

    • SoKool

      Those things have never happened to me. Though, I would still recommend Samsung more (atleast if you're okay with missing a few things)

  • Sam P.
    Sam P.

    Psst. Hey, I... I don't think anyone or anything is losing to Xiaomi in the smartphone business

    • SoKool

      Well, maybe in your country. They're beating every single company here in Indonesia.

  • Monjim Sarkar
    Monjim Sarkar

    Xiaomi Sucks and Samsung wins

  • Jivin Thomas
    Jivin Thomas


  • Jivin Thomas
    Jivin Thomas

    Not an iPhone fan but 100 million global sales for 12 series is just unbelievable

    • Jivin Thomas
      Jivin Thomas

      @Emmy Macie that i know but apart from oneplus 90% of every other company's sales are budget phones

    • Emmy Macie
      Emmy Macie

      Don't forget BBK the world's largest smartphone maker now, by volume.

  • Evgeny Myrzin
    Evgeny Myrzin


  • Hara Labis
    Hara Labis

    I'm guilty: Meaty. Also, where is the rickroll?

  • Devin Smith
    Devin Smith

    Let me tell you, as an American from birth you would be surprised at just how much people prefer hardware and brand over anything, even over any spec. You know why? Because what matters most is your appearance. Your character. You're just not somebody without an iPhone. Even as a Samsung user it still goes the same. To alot of people I'm just lame without an iPhone whether they take that seriously or not. Alot of people really do lmao. It's just reality. Very, very simple minded society. It wouldn't even matter if iphones didn't change at all since the x or xs, what matters is having an iphone. There's no other way to put it. Don't believe me? Take a trip down here to the good ole states and go to the clubs or something.

  • Chencho Gallegos
    Chencho Gallegos

    Ive never heard of this company sooooo. Idk if they really ARE winning

  • Core Fairdeal
    Core Fairdeal

    Please don't buy the Poco f3 phone. I really regret buying it. It's one month only and so many issues. Don't listen to these influencers. Samsung is always a safe choice. Poco f3 has heating issues and battery drains like a bucket of water.

    • Exequite

      agree. I used to own a Xiaomi phone. Slept with 80% battery, woke up at 10am when my work starts at 8.30am because my alarm didn't ring. Checked my phone, and realised it has gone to 0% battery. That's 80% drained overnight, and nearly caused me to get fired because I missed an important meeting with client. Next day? Off to buy a Samsung A70 and never looked back.

  • zackariya ahmad
    zackariya ahmad



    Samsung yaar tune bejjti kra di meri😂😂😂

  • Munmun chakraborty
    Munmun chakraborty

    I watched this from a Xiaomi phone 😂

  • TbNr BaD
    TbNr BaD


  • Popescu Pilat Alexandru Matei
    Popescu Pilat Alexandru Matei


  • Batman

    moving to Samsung from Xaomi is like Heaven

    • Gintars Lapins
      Gintars Lapins

      Please elaborate. Thanks

  • Ice T
    Ice T

    Well not quite true. Mi or redmi lost. Xiaomi signed to work with samsung. Cuz sams will be still n1 in eu and usa (xiaomi not selling in usa)

  • SupertoastGT

    Ads and bloat... Gross. Plus it's Chinese. If their government says Xaomi has to spy on us, it will happen. I mean, all phones do, but this is the "China spying on the US" kind of deal.

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