The BEST Smartphones of 2021!
Welcome to my Top 22 Best smartphones as of mid 2021 - including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and more! Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I had a few comments on the last "Best smartphones" video that the structure was a bit complicated, so I've found a way to simplify it here - do you prefer this countdown format? 🤔 To see my full review of the Zenfone 8: For the craziest Inventions:

    • Dhruv C
      Dhruv C

      What ABT samsung m51???

    • Dhruv C
      Dhruv C

      What ABT samsung m 51

    • Daily Dose Of Videos
      Daily Dose Of Videos

      Look this Nokia 8110 5G (2021) The New Matrix Phone!

    • Emmanuel Yelsung
      Emmanuel Yelsung

      I need the Samsung not 20 ultra Am in Ghana can you please help me get one

    • trevroy lindsay
      trevroy lindsay

      Love ur videos

  • CGyoo

    Watching this video with PocoF3...

  • Arivezhil Narayana Sukumar
    Arivezhil Narayana Sukumar

    Energetic Professional Review

  • San Ien Jao
    San Ien Jao

    Rick rolled again by Mrwhosetheboss 🤣

  • Ramantswe Innocent Sathekge
    Ramantswe Innocent Sathekge

    The is no Huawei also

  • Gram Wyble
    Gram Wyble

    Stop rick rolling!

  • Shoshanna Cohen
    Shoshanna Cohen

    Why does every youtube tech reviewer behave, hand gestures, speech mannerisms, vocal cadence like MKBHD.

  • Shoshanna Cohen
    Shoshanna Cohen

    '"fun design" what does that even mean???

  • the trip goat?
    the trip goat?

    Y do you these kind is of vids

  • Hassan Mbatch
    Hassan Mbatch

    Screen cracks easily on the s21 ultra. Stay Away

  • Dikel Tripura
    Dikel Tripura

    Love from bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Stay Healthy Stay Safe
    Stay Healthy Stay Safe

    Best smartphone reviews cannot be complete without the sony xperia 1 III. Its better than samsung S21 Ultra in speed and screen with a comparable camera .

  • bladecup

    Poco f3 owners where are you;)

  • toyz phabz tv
    toyz phabz tv

    i think im gonna choose poco F3 because u choose it number 1.. coz i beleive in you 🙏 thank you so much


    👆👆👆 this dude restored back my hacked account immediately i messaged him for help.


    👆👆👆 this dude restored back my hacked account immediately i messaged him for help.

  • IsThisJustFANTAsea


  • Hasin Ishraq
    Hasin Ishraq

    Hey Mr.whostheboss, how come you haven't reviewed the phone you gave your best phone award of 2021? We want Poco f3 review !

  • Porsh P
    Porsh P

    What did I miss here?? Did you intentionally leave Huwawei out of your reviews?

  • Crazygamerkasten

    I like seeing pets in a non pet related video. It's just a pleasant surprise.

  • Ivo

    Sorry but you can keep all of those Chinese wannabe samsung/Google/apple

  • Saad Mir
    Saad Mir

    Am a proud owner of the second best smartphone of 2021

  • Carl Josephson
    Carl Josephson

    Totally brilliant presentation and unequalled preparation. Thank you.

  • Royal Gamer
    Royal Gamer

    lets play call of duty uwu

  • Massamba NIANE
    Massamba NIANE

    Big Hitech, Big Five!! 💯🍇💯

  • Armani Pedia
    Armani Pedia

    Watching on Poco f3 hehe

  • Aakash Nair
    Aakash Nair

    This video needs an update now 🐱

  • Mike Kopisz
    Mike Kopisz

    "that's like applying to university,but not showing them your grades" Sounds like what happened to another RSloftr🤣

  • Dinesh Bhojan
    Dinesh Bhojan

    Worst video in RSloft!!!Could have demonstrated in other ways by drop test. Millions out there without a phone or could have given it to them. Bet you won’t given if RSloft had not paid you. Never gonna come back at this channel…change the channel as AssTheBoss

  • XCeleronZERO

    Just bought a Xiaomi Redmi note 10 pro

  • Nol's 37
    Nol's 37

    I love Hauwie, Motorola unlocked Phones I live in the Caribbean.. I jus buy motorola G power 3 day battery cam 64. Motorola G 5 g ( 2021) 128 gb. 6gb. Water repellent.. any of this phone good?

  • TigarriYT

    12:58 Me to anyone for the next 50 days about my Galaxy S6

  • Martin Šenkýř
    Martin Šenkýř

    ehm 40,000 emails

  • Dev Leela
    Dev Leela


  • Moph

    Hi! Fantastic reviews, great style covering a broad range which is ideal. I was going to buy the Poco F3 based on this. However, I paused for a moment and checked up how secure it is. Apparently all your browsing and phone data is sent to some unknown (Chinese) server whether you restrict your data settings or not. I'd like to know if this is just the default browser, or the phone doing so in general. I will be changing my selection, possibly to the Zenfone 8. It is also ironic, or perhaps apt, therefore that your sponsor is Surfshark and you claim it protects your data - yet your #1 phone gives all your data away. Perhaps it would be appropriate to add a security category for future reviews? Thanks!

  • BO O
    BO O

    Poco give a lot but its not for long term. It slows overtime parts and hardware cost more and more every month. It might be cheap but you have to change it after two years and thats not cool for people who don't waana spend for phone every year or two..i think pixel 4a is full on value because of camera and constancy of providing value of costumer

  • BO O
    BO O

    No milo were harmed during this video 🤧😂


    Hi! Huge fan, please make an update to this before 2021 ends

  • Linden De Ment
    Linden De Ment

    #1 sold phone in USA is iPhone, through the world (not USA) is Android! In America many cops, lawyers, judges, teachers, pros in sports, doctors, nurses, IT professionals, factories, and ETC. own iPhones from reliability and security!

  • Linden De Ment
    Linden De Ment

    I partly agree with you … in college my computer class got with the iPhone through AT&T! The iPhone created by Apple has the number 1 processor, the iOS has more firewall … meaning safer, strong enough camera, and ETC. . Samsung also stole 2 programmers from Apple and they got sued for copying certain Apple creations! Apple also has the ability to make a completely stronger phone, but it is taking it’s time to build selling. I have the iPhone 12 Pro Man and I’ll probably wait until iPhone 15 comes out (something like the Pro Max)!

  • creepqwest

    And I can't afford any🤣🤣🤣

  • Shyam Sah
    Shyam Sah

    Where is galaxy Note 20 utra

  • alex lee
    alex lee

    Nice Content

  • Thamil Shelvan
    Thamil Shelvan Poco f3 is worst phone

  • Richard McAllister
    Richard McAllister

    If one is a Note user there is no alternative with a sPen !! is there?

  • clark ken
    clark ken

    #whostheboss try infinix phones

  • clark ken
    clark ken

    infinix phone try it #whosethe boss

  • নুরুল আফছার
    নুরুল আফছার

    রেডমী নোট ১০ প্রোরটা সত্যি অসাধারন।

  • Monali Chauhan
    Monali Chauhan

    Unfortunately, Asus has disappointed me big time, as it started to behave weird exactly when my warranty expired. Started to restart on its own, could not detect my sim, and now IMEI shows null and their service center is worthless. I bought Asus just to avoid other Chinese phones - OnePlus. however, I would now only upgrade to OnePlus as I also have OnePlus 5 working condition till date without any sort of issues.

  • big mama
    big mama

    Bro can u give me a phone ..😅hahahaha...that's alot

  • Rachana S.Bardia
    Rachana S.Bardia

    Hi thank you so much but I had another doubt like what to prefer between redmi note 10 pro and redmi 10 pro max?

  • Johnny Shmupper
    Johnny Shmupper

    Nobody’s buying Google phones. It’s between Apple & Samsung as per usual. Pack it in Google.

  • Jalles Santos
    Jalles Santos

    Crazzyyyyyyy, thank you for being so good in everithing that you do.

  • Relics Sphinxer
    Relics Sphinxer

    F*ck there’s no Huawei!!!

  • Mrfreddy 21
    Mrfreddy 21

    Where is the passionfruit YOU

  • mohomad udayar
    mohomad udayar

    Brother your totally wrong y your not select xperia 1 mark 3 water divce 1st yous 1 mark 3 U don't no 21.9 4k display 643 ppidencity Best Telifoto lence

    • Sai Prasad
      Sai Prasad

      Be included Sony phone , but they're taking a outdated design model's , not much good cameras as he have said

  • Ninja Kitty
    Ninja Kitty

    The tremendous war pragmatically fold because lasagna luckily invite through a white james. shaggy, thinkable pie

  • Anthony Atallah
    Anthony Atallah

    Where did you get this t-shirt?!😅

  • Aleksandar Aleksandrov
    Aleksandar Aleksandrov

    Hey Mrwhosetheboss, how are you? Thanks for the awesome videos and content you make and share with us. I was wondering what do you think of the idea to compare Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra? Would it still be worth it to buy the Note? I guess that depends much on what the phone would be mainly used for given what both phones provide. Also in my country I cannot find much on the processor type - they just say the phone has octa-core processor - isn't that the Exynos one? ...somewhere in the net I found the following advised - for everyday use and faster app loading time Exynos is better, BUT for gaming and photography or use intensive apps - the Snapdragon is much better. Thank you and stay safe and healthy! :)))

  • NaturalBornKillers2

    Well i got they mi11 lite 5g i'm pretty happy

  • NaturalBornKillers2

    Well i got they mi11 lite 5g i'm pretty happy

  • Themba Zondo
    Themba Zondo

    Presentation on another level. I’m not a phone expert but from this video, i think I’ve learned on what to look for in a phone. Thanks

  • Kelsey Strawberrylund
    Kelsey Strawberrylund

    14:31 I just got rickrolled.. lol

  • Browndigs69

    What about TCL not really sure about these phones but would like a review

  • KarX Music
    KarX Music

    I wish if huwaei was there

  • hahahahaha sjsjsjsjsjsjsj
    hahahahaha sjsjsjsjsjsjsj

    LG LG LG LG LG !!

  • Miguel Almeida
    Miguel Almeida

    Thanks, I loved the Redmi Note 10

  • Shafiq Sulaiman
    Shafiq Sulaiman

    i have lost expensive gadgets like the jjrc x17 drone and redmi note 8 along with the huawei 360 camera.

  • Skänkhunt42

    Time to review the Note 11 Pro 😍


    We need More mrwhosethebob

  • Sumaira Siddiqui
    Sumaira Siddiqui

    Hey can you do a review on the Best Big phones? I have been searching for big phones...

  • Jonah Williams
    Jonah Williams

    Such a well done video!! Extremely helpful. Thank you so much. I went with the Redmi note 10. I'm real excited to get it in the mail.

  • Martin Angelo Mooney
    Martin Angelo Mooney

    Me waiting for my Poco f3 coming next week while watching this video on my Pocophone f1.💪💪💪

  • Muhammad Sega
    Muhammad Sega

    & no body going to judge all these one-eyed phones

  • Spyridon Antifalos
    Spyridon Antifalos


  • Anxious Dreams
    Anxious Dreams

    Ordered a Xiaomi note 10 pro!! Would've got the Poco but I don't think it works with straight talk in the US.

  • Harshit

    How much did xiaomi pay you??

    • Sai Prasad
      Sai Prasad

      Your entire life salary LoL.😉

  • devkarisma

    No motorola also...

  • Shahariyar joy
    Shahariyar joy

    Dear Sir, Please check your mail

  • taim 1234
    taim 1234

    11:12 I am a student and my class is pixel 4a

  • taim 1234
    taim 1234

    9:33 I don’t like the mi 11 software skin I like my iPad skin more.

  • Katherine Q. Matusalem
    Katherine Q. Matusalem

    I'm already loving Milo ☺️💟

  • That 70's Bike
    That 70's Bike

    $/£1000 for a phone - Nuts. What is wrong with everyone.

  • Captain Shake
    Captain Shake

    So, the solution to all this is to buy all of them just like the guy did(maybe)

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    great list

  • Sujant tamrakar
    Sujant tamrakar

    When you finnaly look close at the thumbnail

  • radu raducu
    radu raducu

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  • Tracy Anderson
    Tracy Anderson

    Okay watched this video and the screensaver test omg laughing so hard I’m crying you my Fine Sir have a new subscribe 💯💯💯💯💯

    • Study Vio
      Study Vio

      Which test?

  • Leonhard Scholtyssek
    Leonhard Scholtyssek

    Me who bought a Redmi Note 9 4GB/128GB for 149€: Pathetic 😁

  • Mama Mindset Coaching & Nutrition
    Mama Mindset Coaching & Nutrition

    How do I get hold of a POCO F3? As it is not available in my country and we don't have amazone or eBay working in my country?

  • MarkVlogs

    You should do the best wacky phone review. Like a foldable phone or a phone with a massive battery or just something that is pretty different.

  • Roby Joseph
    Roby Joseph

    I honesty HATE xiaomi 🤢🤮

    • BruhDoesntExistAtAll

      Why Tho?

  • Andreas Houg
    Andreas Houg

    This confined my purchase of the Poco F3. Thanks!

  • Cyrus G
    Cyrus G

    Samsung s21 ultra

  • Zaahid Arnold
    Zaahid Arnold

    Agree 100% with your assessments and selection of the Poco F3 as the best value for money to power smartphone in 2021. Arun don't change anything with regards your presentation format, style and reviews...the way you doing it is the way we, the buying public likes it. You should come to Cape Town, South Africa; it offers the most beautiful natural place settings for testing camera outputs in the world.

  • Rick McGrath
    Rick McGrath

    The Best smartphone in 2021? Mine. Because it's mine.

  • Tsalimong Sangtam
    Tsalimong Sangtam

    Stop using ads on intro

  • Dankl3ss

    How about the Iqoo neo 5 lite?

    • Dankl3ss

      @BruhDoesntExistAtAll I thought that one has english

    • BruhDoesntExistAtAll

      Top *Global* phones

  • Ella Vek
    Ella Vek

    LG is doing away with their cell phones

  • zdenek Canada
    zdenek Canada

    How about Samsung Note ??

100 хиљ.
100 хиљ.