The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀
You'll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2021 - Samsung Galaxy unboxings, iPhone 13 / 12s unboxings etc, but none will compare to the ridiculousness of this $200,000 smartphone unboxing.

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  • Shweta Shinde
    Shweta Shinde

    I never skip you videos cuz they are so Interesting 😅


    This is waste

  • Vikram B.M
    Vikram B.M

    this video is cursed . agitates me

  • Hyper Gaming
    Hyper Gaming

    Airport or teapot 😂

  • Kartikeya Mishra
    Kartikeya Mishra

    Is he Indo-American?

  • eliseo ibarra
    eliseo ibarra

    phantom red looks great

  • LionAli


  • Brett Zinke
    Brett Zinke


  • tyler2

    that last phone seems like one of the biggest wastes of money in the entire world

  • shadow

    jeffrey beezos lol

  • Dikel Tripura
    Dikel Tripura

    Love from bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • shaqulabesha smith
    shaqulabesha smith

    Who’s knows how to invest on crypto currency?

  • Việt Anh Nguyễn
    Việt Anh Nguyễn

    I think nobody knotis

  • Việt Anh Nguyễn
    Việt Anh Nguyễn

    U rick roll more than 7m people

  • Việt Anh Nguyễn
    Việt Anh Nguyễn

    U rick roll us in 8:14

  • Wow Table tennis
    Wow Table tennis

    He spends more money than mr beast

  • georgian mapping
    georgian mapping


  • Ayaat Alam
    Ayaat Alam

    They just attached gold at the back of the phone and it's a 170,000 dollar phone.The gold costs like 168,000

  • Joshua Hamer
    Joshua Hamer

    What pretentious bollocks. All of it!!!! Although i do like the green one 😂

  • N0T_4BZ

    don't tell me I'm the only one that saw "That's what she said" at 9:24

  • Fnaf World
    Fnaf World

    Number 8 is beautiful


    What is its storage and ram ?

  • BirdSaidNo

    I added up all the things to assemble that phone and if we pay 3000$ to assemble the phone, the price will be 68287$. (might be different now due to the change of price of gold)

  • Zest Owl
    Zest Owl

    19:47 the most stressful moment in his life

  • Ayesha Sidat
    Ayesha Sidat


  • Laurya 🙂
    Laurya 🙂

    the only question I got is: What is he doing with all these phones?

  • Nirmal Prathap D
    Nirmal Prathap D

    What did I do with this one


    Xperia Pro $2500 ?

  • Aamjd Khan
    Aamjd Khan

    Fun for kids phone

  • Name No
    Name No

    Did you buy all that using your own money??????????


    0:22 preeety smoooth

  • Gianluca Saponetto
    Gianluca Saponetto

    Samsung s 21 gold is ridicules 1 kg of gold cost 54.000€ in this price 1000€,total 55k no?ridicule...very very ridicules. Sorry for my english,iam ITALIAN BOY

  • bagel Bomb
    bagel Bomb

    Imagine the kind of insecure loser that would buy the gold phone which would be like talking to a brick 🧱😂

  • Isla Williams
    Isla Williams

    Pls answer this in a vid are you a apple guy or samsung ??

  • yxngmax3

    Please help me with some money please 😭 😭😭

  • Nidhi bindal
    Nidhi bindal

    Do flip 3 rewiew

  • sync

    this man fr has like over 100 phones lmao

  • ToxicTNT25

    8:12 Rick Astley thoo...

  • mathias sønderkjær
    mathias sønderkjær

    Why you Rick rolling me noo my brain

  • Leafy

    There something about that brown color really nice brown color

  • CallmeGamerBlox

    18.03 why that phone look so good

  • agne ransiene
    agne ransiene

    Did you bort everything

  • Harin Mathers
    Harin Mathers

    Salute to the Stupidity

  • Ninjakat 808
    Ninjakat 808

    Look closely 8:12

  • Kye Willett
    Kye Willett

    I love tec and gadgets , but im to poor to buy any. everyone makes fun of me over it .

  • Kye Willett
    Kye Willett

    Can u do a contest to win some new tec plz😊

  • Anthony_gaming

    I have a opportunity phone


    yeah yeah he need to eat because to digest the money he spend on this video

  • Henio

    8:11 nice house expensive ite- HEY RICK ASTLEY WHAT YOU DOI-

  • Marrinette

    I taught it was golden bar not phone.........

  • Maserati Car
    Maserati Car

    did any1 nothice "thats what she said" in the video?

  • crazy gangs
    crazy gangs

    Man , that's not how Arun is pronounced

  • Mr Vrose
    Mr Vrose

    Thats logo like brunei panji2

  • Azhar Mondal
    Azhar Mondal

    I AM Wachacing 14times on phone droping in hand its editing or real

  • Vikash Pandey
    Vikash Pandey

    Make a give away of one phone to me 😀😄😁😁

  • Hamza Elbatanouni
    Hamza Elbatanouni

    I love how he’s wearing a tuxedo while holding a blackberry phone who’s with me can we show respect to how much money he spent

  • Satvik C.M.
    Satvik C.M.

    8:11 love his rickrooll

  • Satvik C.M.
    Satvik C.M.

    2:20 was hilarious huh

  • Ethan Has A Name
    Ethan Has A Name

    The last one was bacically a samsung with a gold brick behind it..... very not worth it to me.

  • yako HASSAN
    yako HASSAN

    plz get one phone

  • Freydson Ventura
    Freydson Ventura

    using the skull emoji isn't good because ur saying "I'm dead or I'm dying" yes Ik yall say it to laugh but God says we can speak blessings or cursings

  • ZK Popular
    ZK Popular

    I had Samsung s7

  • Memes

    His voice should legit be the new siri voice

  • CosmusX _
    CosmusX _

    The Mi 11 pro just looks so nice

  • Yvan Yaban
    Yvan Yaban

    This unboxing video makes me feel so poor.

  • Nihal Mahesh
    Nihal Mahesh

    is it just me or is it at 16:06 he is eating a burger in the background

  • Itz_Fio

    8:11 RICKROLL

  • Isaac Voorheis
    Isaac Voorheis

    i absolutely hate that first phone

  • THONOS789

    18:09 wait thats jeff bezos aka owner of amazons full name huh? jeff bezos is in russsia? what i am confused

  • Hnf Lkhl
    Hnf Lkhl

    I had a Samsung S7 edge but now I have a Redmi note 10

  • Dote32

    I wonder how many phones he owns

  • Joseph Rides
    Joseph Rides

    You got scammed bro

  • Timfon Umoh
    Timfon Umoh

    The redmagic 5G Transparent will be so Good for playing COD

  • hybridi-Peruna

    8:11 he rick rolled you guys

  • zaeem srot
    zaeem srot

    10:52 2200$ goes yeet!

  • Charlie

    I just got rick rolled at 8:13

  • Neon Blue
    Neon Blue

    what happens if you drop the 120 000 phone

  • FeliXD -YT
    FeliXD -YT

    Wanna buy roughly 100 cars? Orrrrr. Buy a phone?

  • Magic Light
    Magic Light

    The Gold Phone feels like sticking an apple to a Nokia to call it IPhone

  • It's Me
    It's Me

    how shit was that last one ahaaahhahaah

  • Ben Anyim
    Ben Anyim

    You should do a phone giveaway... Looks like you've got a lot of phone right there just saying Well I love Samsung too its practically a precious possession to me

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    Collis williams

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      Lora Richard

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      Alexander christopher

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  • BFFs of talents
    BFFs of talents

    How this guys rickroll is just mindblowing

  • DuperTuber

    8:11 Best rickroll ever 9:24 thats what she said 💀

  • Chelaka-the-unspeakable-fortnite game.
    Chelaka-the-unspeakable-fortnite game.

    I like you bro 👍

  • Be Cool
    Be Cool

    That golden phone raped you off.

  • Nahom Teklezghi
    Nahom Teklezghi

    Ken I have one

  • PoizonBerri

    Feels like I’m watching an actual show, because the editing is great 🤣

  • Kuntheareach Heng
    Kuntheareach Heng

    the 170k dollar phone is a scam like u cant take selfies or take a photo so what the point and if u want to play a game it will be very hard, and it will be hard to bring it every where i would rather buy 80 imac than this crap.

  • C2theRizzock44

    If anyone actually needs an excuse to blow as much money as they'd spend on that last phone, could you just give it to me instead? I can pay off my house and still have enough for a semester of college for all 4 of my boys lol

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  • Greenwolf576

    Some of theses phone are more expensive then my computer $1,250

  • Abril Arnaiz
    Abril Arnaiz

    Giveaway pls

  • Food McCarthy
    Food McCarthy

    Tonino Lamborghini is just a cash grab by ferruchio Lamborghinis nephew. No actual relationship with the modern Lamborghini company

  • blossomplayzz

    Can we take a second that he spond 200.000 to make a video for us

  • Logesh

    That 170k phone is dumb stupid.. Even u r fkg rich, why in the world u want to carry 1kg of phone? Caviar should stop doing this dumb shit

  • josh Farria
    josh Farria

    Making money is the plan and with Bitcoin Investment your Plans can be fulfilled.


      Why does it feel that this reply section is filled with bots?

    • bagel Bomb
      bagel Bomb

      I'm just amazed anyone could possibly not realize this is a scam 😂

    • Blastboys // Octave
      Blastboys // Octave

      don’t invest with these guys they’re all scams.

    • Solomon William
      Solomon William

      how do you start trading with Mr Nicholas? I'm interested and wanna invest too

    • Mohamed Alice
      Mohamed Alice

      @Rose Watkins mr Nicholas Burke-Gaffney is the plug, get in touch with him. he gives high attention to his clients both old and newbies.

  • ManiGamez

    Just how much money he spent for us

  • Helen Rojas
    Helen Rojas

    sid you know how many people died getting that gold?

  • arun budha
    arun budha

    Give me phone 🥱🤣📱

  • Lau Nicholas
    Lau Nicholas

    Try the olympic edition of the samsung!