STOP Buying this Tech Scam.
The Geoclense and all associated products are a compete scam...This is why.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

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    • jack clarke
      jack clarke

      Humans emit positive energy

    • Duane Rowe
      Duane Rowe

      Well if you have a lot of friends and friends of friends that can give you good comments well that's why the people buy it

    • SpeedoAJS productions
      SpeedoAJS productions

      Why does the thumbnail have Hebrew?

    • Vojtech Rozsival
      Vojtech Rozsival

      Colleague of mine has a jug of water with some stones in it "harmonizing" the water. Not sure what else he is in to, but I bet there will be more. Sharing your video is loss of time though. You cannot convince these ppl with some facts... Especially boring facts. Some ppl need to believe there are Illuminates who in cooperate with Mr. Gates and Soros and their only life goal is world dominance. Maybe with a little help of Astar Sheran (if he still parks on our orbit, have not checked that for a while...) If you combine these with ppl who were scared of typing machine, bulbs, first cars and microwave ovens and are scared of 5G now, you get these orgonit believers who spend thousands on rocks, copper wires, polymer resin and good vibes sent by air (trust me, there is even more bizarre stuff, like drinking chlorine...) Simply said, you cannot argue with a believer. Or you can ofc, but do not hope in changing his point of view.

    • Viktor L. Takács
      Viktor L. Takács

      Problem-Authority-Solution: you just described most religions along with quackery :D

  • Eliseu Monar dos Santos
    Eliseu Monar dos Santos

    Natural selection.

  • Dean Oldfield
    Dean Oldfield

    All these products are advertised on the internet, they cannot be peddled on FCC controlled airwaves.

  • sam mcswag
    sam mcswag

    while watching this video i got an ad for a radiation protection beanie?

  • Jason Choy
    Jason Choy

    the thumbnail made me think he was going to talk about magsafe

  • Kodiak

    Religion works in similar ways.

  • Arthur Danielles
    Arthur Danielles

    Are they worse than those who misrepresent the truth in the media sector such as journalism; hmm those pretending to be 'journalists/press' ?🙄 Let's face it, it is blatant 'medicine man' OOPS 'medicine PERSON' selling the cure all water in their medicine bottles etc.. has been around for decades 👀SOOO no real surprises here. What IS however surprising, is that they are, in the 21st century; still allowed to sell this garbage. 😶Great vid as always though we all know that those buying these products and the paid persons who praise them.. are not going away anytime soon..


    Just . Arin .tell me why you use the wrong thumbnail, ? For all of this stuffs in your video... I was thinking you will talk about iphone and the copper coil... but in all the video you didn't talk about your tumbnail.... Isn't you are doing the same job .? That other placebo doing.... by wrong thumbnails.?

  • Internet Lizard
    Internet Lizard

    not gonna lie, at least with the 'radiation harmonising' bear, you actually get a teddy bear for it! not a sticker or something ridiculous

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name

    I would like to see more of this scam busting videos.

  • Google Pap
    Google Pap

    Placebo is a heck of a drug

  • Bhavin Parmar
    Bhavin Parmar

    Awesome work. Your Hardwork shown to each videos and awareness regarding the false product

  • Shine

    Anyways, um... I bought a whole bunch of shungite rocks, do you know what shungite is? Anybody know what shungite is? No, not Suge Knight, I think he's locked up in prison. I'm talkin' shungite. Anyways, it's a two billion year-old like, rock stone that protects against frequencies and unwanted frequencies that may be traveling in the air. That's my story, I bought a whole bunch of stuff. Put 'em around the la casa. Little pyramids, stuff like that

  • D H
    D H

    Mental illness is an industry

  • Dikel Tripura
    Dikel Tripura

    Love from bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • David Coghill
    David Coghill

    At this point I'm convinced that people making these scam products are making all their money solely from youtubers buying them to debunk them.

  • Deron-ytplayz

    why did he search rick astley body pillow at 9:55

  • James Ahmed
    James Ahmed

    I remember in school not sure when but I think it may have been 2007, Some kids were selling these stickers which claimed to give you better signal 😂

  • Aubrey Legendre
    Aubrey Legendre

    But, the entire basis of the American civilization, that which the rest of the world copies, is that of illusion and mystery. It's all a scam. That's the beauty of it all.

  • A T
    A T

    Let us know once defamation case is done. These 5G people in Australia is just a joke.

  • Lim Robo
    Lim Robo


  • MegaTitan gaming
    MegaTitan gaming

    This sounds like a cult trying to gain for followers for there beliefs of lies😂

  • Ruby Bugatti
    Ruby Bugatti

    Arun: wut can I do with the wand abracadabra Me: He’s hi on pos charges 🤣

    • Fancier Wolfy
      Fancier Wolfy

      aint even what he said

  • firdaus bin abd muttalib
    firdaus bin abd muttalib

    Because people are inherently stupid

  • northy Land
    northy Land

    go into any drug store and find similar things. Pills and vitamins which some is pure snake oil. Same thing in almost every section of the store.. From charcoal toothbrushes to facial creams which claim miracles.

  • Moth Hut
    Moth Hut

    Hello, random sir that i have never seen in my life, I'm afraid that you have herpes. Don't ask a doctor though, just trust me.

  • Random Humanoid Blob
    Random Humanoid Blob

    "I got an iPhone accumulator And it makes me feel greater" Lemmy-era Hawkwind. Now all is explained.

  • rst90274

    Do any of these devices grow hair? Asking for a friend.

  • Ham Ham
    Ham Ham

    I mean, if you are stupid enough to believe all that stuff, you probably don’t deserve that money you wasted...

  • Minikomo


  • Christian Cristini
    Christian Cristini

    I thought he was gonna talk about iPhone

  • Sherry

    It's scary to think that the people believing in and buying these products are also raising children.

  • Fredrik Larsson
    Fredrik Larsson

    Oh, I remember hot head syndrome for real. After fifteen minutes on a mobile phone before the days of GSM networks, the head really was boiling. The world of medicine was quite worried too, because it was both apparent and affected everyone using a mobile phone. But with GSM and the successive development to 4G it's just a scary memory. I do believe it's a good idea to use a Bluetooth headset and not have the phone on you all the time, but there is not the least scientifical support for it. But there's one thing, that radiation of course has SOME effect on the membranes in the cells though most kinds just pass through them. I promise there's no way a sticker ever could do the least to change it. The very idea...

  • Ahmed Vila
    Ahmed Vila

    There is only one type of device that can make these claims even remotely - a Faraday cage. I'm wondering if it will be worthwhile being caged for those nutshells buying these products for their claimed benefit. Also, given that most of the buildings, in the past century at least, are built with reinforced concrete you are good anyway. Meaning, steel bar mesh is probably in your walls that's permanently connected to the moist ground beneath the building, acting like a Faraday cage for most of the high frequency band like 5G. Ow yeah, that's one of the reasons why satellite dish or recent starlink has to have optical visibility of the sky - simply they operate in SHF band 3 - 30 GHz that gets blocked even by leaves on the nearby tree. Happy ghost hunting everyone 😉

  • The Overlord
    The Overlord

    I've been warning people of this tech chicanery for ages

  • Johnathan Tomsich
    Johnathan Tomsich

    good old fashioned racketeering

  • Lincoln Zolondek
    Lincoln Zolondek

    He is so amused by this whole thing

  • Lincoln Zolondek
    Lincoln Zolondek

    I want to know why his staff member was carrying a microwave to throw

  • William Anderson
    William Anderson

    Is he a scientist or a smart phone enthusiast

  • Interesting Person
    Interesting Person

    This being a definite scam, shows the power of the placebo effect.

  • Fanch LB
    Fanch LB

    I've seen a few of these orgone pyramides in my times, got one as a present back then; mind you, it makes a lovely paper weight as you so elegantly mentioned :). And I was offered the electronic-ish circuit-ish sticker back in 2007 for my Nokia... "to protect from the battery among other stuff"... I had no clue all these stuff were still around, and got SO expensive too... Crazy!

  • gunforhirenz

    So I went to the Facebook page and linked this video and reported the site for “ false health information action “ and was banned from the page . Can I ask anyone else annoyed by these fraudsters go to their Facebook page and report it please .

  • Shakey


  • Adam is friendly
    Adam is friendly

    So fun fact:today while i was at the dentist i saw an iphone user that was using that sticker lmaooo😂😂

  • dark_unit

    before 5G: "5G IS GOING TO KILL EVERYONE" after 5G didn't kill anyone: "5G isn't going to kill everyone it's just gonna make u sick"

  • Sudstah Gaming
    Sudstah Gaming

    Well I hope they stick that product on the sun 🌞 to save us

  • Car Bullzone
    Car Bullzone

    Well at least you found out about that herpes. 😆.

  • HGV100 Gaming
    HGV100 Gaming

    so apparently some of those 'forever energized' products are actually full of thorium dust; not a great thing to have around and can cause radiation sickness in high amounts, though generally safe outside the body it's not great if there's a lot of it or if it gets in your food

  • squidnotfound

    "harry potter weapons" lmfao

  • Mario583

    Arun: Why are people buying it and why are people liking it? Me: Simple: paid reviews.

  • Xtremgaia

    STOP Making Tiltles this Way.

  • Michael Daley
    Michael Daley

    these energy and spirtual items tend to prey on paranoid people.

  • Justin Nani
    Justin Nani

    Completely brushed over every scientific properties of electromagnetism and spiritual energy. It's called Metaphysics and should be considered when reviewing these devices.

  • Teshuvah Ministries
    Teshuvah Ministries

    You just saved me $100's of dollars! THANK YOU for unpacking this! :-) I'm glad to have found you! I think I'll go sit in my tool shed. LOL!

  • Yonatan Grinberg
    Yonatan Grinberg

    Why does the thumbnail have hebrew letters that say nothing? Thats clickbate.

  • Rafael Ramiel Santos
    Rafael Ramiel Santos


  • Mark Bjering
    Mark Bjering

    This is exactly like religion. people convincing them self's. they got an experience, or god did this. when it was either another person's work. or their own change of mind.

  • Michael Owiny
    Michael Owiny

    lol herpes 😂

  • Horizon

    he still bought it.

  • Vinicius Fidencio
    Vinicius Fidencio

    Mass hysteria... happens every now and then, pretty normal 😅🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Mrfreddy 21
    Mrfreddy 21

    I should do this my internet is 4g zD

  • Nic Nicolini
    Nic Nicolini

    It's kinda like why antivaxxers exist

  • Daniel Markov
    Daniel Markov

    Herpes is not Epstein bar virus 😳

  • André Oliveira
    André Oliveira

    Epstein barr virus is definitely not herpes. Strangely that is called the Herpes Simplex Virus (type 2 if it is genital, type 1 for cold sores). I truly appreciate this type of content. But such a glaring mistake is annoying and distracts the more attentive viewers from the main message. You are actually very likely to have had the Epstein barr virus in the past, as most people have. It is also called the kissing disease or mononucleosis. Maybe google things next time...

  • Yifei Liu
    Yifei Liu

    In China we call these products intelligence tax

  • Ndoki Hasaki
    Ndoki Hasaki

    10:39 saving this timestamp for my next political debate.

  • Shzm

    Lol the thumbnail is in a real language called Hebrew and it is total gibberish

  • 777Editz

    I really like your voice

  • Christopher Bear
    Christopher Bear

    I am a Amateur Radio Operator (HAM). I completely agree with you every one of those products are nothing but snake oil. The average person doesn't even realize how much RF radiation or radio frequency radiation they are exposed to on a daily basis being a ham I actually have to worry about interference and are exposure actually I have to build know how to calculate it. There is no products that any other hand or I know of that will block our affidiation except a Faraday cage. These people really should listen to you and realize this is just a criminal grab it money for the people who are ill informed and ignorant and scared.

  • Jared Moore
    Jared Moore

    This is a big a scam as those old Phiten necklaces.

  • Valley View Church
    Valley View Church

    A lot of this is new age mysticism mixed with fraudulent hogwash. Hahaha. Great video.

  • Corey Coolidge
    Corey Coolidge

    Of course all of these solutions are expensive. It's part of the trick. Things that are cheap or free are obviously worthless. It's one of the reasons people are slow in the US to get vaccinated. The vaccine is free, so people are paranoid that it a worthless solution or worse, it's a trap. If you make the vaccine 200 dollars, suddenly people will see it as a luxury and want it.

  • Chewie 13
    Chewie 13

    Watching Main Media gives me a headache. I just turn it off, feeling better already.

  • Ashwin Abraham
    Ashwin Abraham

    When he put those shades on , you knew it was over for these products 🤣

  • Bryce Wert
    Bryce Wert

    Why do people make scams like that

  • Thomas

    if a listing has the word legit in it, it must be real

  • Ryan Hwan
    Ryan Hwan

    just a bunch of bullshit and psychological tricks

  • aaaaa1957

    Junk science kind of like the climate Crisis. People will believe anything.

  • Erica Pelz
    Erica Pelz

    PT Barnum was right....

  • Keabetswe Madumo
    Keabetswe Madumo

    You're amazing 😂

  • Funni gamz
    Funni gamz

    I’m a NINE year old kid and I know I would NEVER fall for this dumb scam.

  • CrazyMineCuber

    Even worse. Alot of the stuff claiming to create negative ions are actually radioactive. So instead of making you less sick, they give you cancer.

  • Tech Fromgangakinare
    Tech Fromgangakinare

    Sir, I have a phone tower installed just beside my home, how much worried should I be ?

  • Omoba Nedo
    Omoba Nedo

    People buying stuff like these are those who have so, so much money at their disposal. Mainly our caucasian brothers and sisters! I doubt if Blacks would be running for these buys.

  • thenakedcableguy

    Cat: "hey, fuck your job. Today I choose violence."

  • Scott Atwood
    Scott Atwood

    One minor correction: Epstein-Barr virus is a herpesvirus, but not the one most people think of of as herpes. EBV is the virus that causes mono or “the kissing disease”. About 90% or adults have EBV antibodies and most never even realize they have it.

  • TumbleGamer

    The power of placebo

  • Soup :]
    Soup :]

    As a person who practices spirituality and believes in the power of crystals (not in a crystal Karen way, in like a religion way), **NONE** and I mean none of those crystals listen on the product "protect against 5G." in fact, most of those are for self love lol. none of the metals are believed to have properties even remotely related to 5G prevention, and the only crystal on there used for protection is black tourmaline. I'm actually baffled at the lengths this Karen has gone to. I have been practising this sort of belief system for nearly a year now and I'm literally rolling at the amount of scams there are on Ebay related to 5G. Also just to clear up, the majority of people who work with crystals hate these Karens and think they're stupid. for the majority of you that most likely don't believe in this stuff, just respect people's beliefs, unless it's whatever these scammers are doing.

  • V3CTOR

    ayo why this banned in australia

  • billnye69

    Remember Lisa on the Simpsons with her Rock that keeps Tigers away. Lisa: This rock keeps Tigers away Homer: How does it work? Lisa: Do you see any Tigers around here? Homer: Lisa, I'd like to buy your rock. Lisa: What? No, it's just a stupid rock. Homer: *Hands her money* Lisa: Whatever *grabs money*

  • Ramzy Ziyad
    Ramzy Ziyad

    guys if u ver see a video say free robux and u click it check the comment if there a lot of omg it worked otr liek that it meant it kind but if it ask u for pasword it a scam so and some can have bot lik egood try then another comment say good tr y the sam thing it fake scam

  • seal


  • Boris Badinov
    Boris Badinov

    good channel!

  • Rolando Vargas
    Rolando Vargas

    Some people are so idiotic tho 🤡

  • TNG Gaming
    TNG Gaming

    sad reality is stupid people buy stupid products and stupid products are getting bought more and more just think about what that means

  • MasterKairobot Gaming
    MasterKairobot Gaming

    I Love How It Was Built Using A Soap, Next time, they should change the description too, plug the thing in and start scrubbing to your skin, FEEL THE REMOVAL OF 5G Out of your body

  • A single Banana
    A single Banana

    Similar to the emperor wearing a transparent robe, that only the greatest of people can see it.

  • kevino601

    You got the Epstein bar virus hahahaha

  • Simon Matthews
    Simon Matthews

    If it walks likes a duck & quake’s like a ducks then it is probably is a duck! These are a scam hyperbole!🙄

  • Bigbang Evolution
    Bigbang Evolution

    After the first 2 lines, I thought he was going to talk about the iPhone.