Nothing Ear 1 Review - The Problem with Hype.
My Full Review of the Nothing Ear 1 Earphones - founded by OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei 👀 Thanks to Morning Brew for sponsoring today’s video - Sign up for free: and become smarter in 5 minutes!

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  • #MissKingdomVII

    It looks and unfinished.

  • hitsoray gaming
    hitsoray gaming

    me: uses nois x5's even though I know their so bad ecxept thelook and sound quality

    • hitsoray gaming
      hitsoray gaming

      dude It dosen't have any like and type of touch controls even if you put it into the case the sound is still pairing

  • Alfie TheRandomRager
    Alfie TheRandomRager

    Okay thats it. Im gonna make a new company called *V O I D*

  • Dikel Tripura
    Dikel Tripura

    Love from bangladesh🇧🇩

  • Mehrab Hossain Shiam
    Mehrab Hossain Shiam

    I have always like the way you say 'But'! It feels like justifying so perfectly the reason that you are going to say next. 👌😁

  • Hridaan Jhaveri
    Hridaan Jhaveri

    I guess that your favorite song is Never gonna give you up Featuring Rick Astley.

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope

    Can you please make a complete review of OnePlus buds pro?

  • Satvik C.M.
    Satvik C.M.

    6:42 hahahahah

  • Cru Egeland
    Cru Egeland

    Should've made the stem a triangular pyramid of tiny mirrors pointing away from you. So that the stem could at least match your skin tone if viewed straight on. Sure there are flaws here but it's an idea anyway...

  • Bakau Unboxing
    Bakau Unboxing

    2:30 🤣😂😅 that shit scare the kitty

  • zaeem srot
    zaeem srot

    8:25 never gonna give you up. never gonna let you down.

  • Amper

    it's funny cus he drops a top company and then proceeds to release one of the worst earbuds on the market

  • nick strickland
    nick strickland

    You may need to see a doctor if your ears are that sensitive that tapping a finger that plugging your ear is painful/uncomfortable to that degree...


    8:59. Thank u for teaching what I did not pay attention in physics class 🤣

  • jithin kn
    jithin kn

    Trust me it's bad product

  • monke dude
    monke dude

    Your favorite song is never gonna give you up (mine 2)

  • Maha Dev
    Maha Dev

    ur favourite song is rickroll ofc

  • bladecup

    And they lacking aptx so good bye android users,enacfire e60 will beat this garbage,by price,quality and other...

  • poserboy

    in my oppinion is the sound better than the airpods pro i had airpods pro but they where stolen so now i will buy the nothing ones

  • Dịch Vụ Telegram (
    Dịch Vụ Telegram (

    👆👆👆03:29:40 Hôm nay em đi học. Bị điểm kém môn Anh. Cô dạy “Yêu” là “Love”. Mà em viết tên anh. 🌙 💥

  • Tăng Like Zalo (
    Tăng Like Zalo (

    👆👆👆03:07:55 La bàn chỉ hướng Bắc. Xong lại chỉ hướng Nam. Tớ chỉ hướng về cậu. Thứ khác tớ không ham. 🌵 🌏

  • Shawn Taran. R. R
    Shawn Taran. R. R


  • Kristen

    I respectfully disagree about the design. I think they're beautiful!

  • Kal Val
    Kal Val

    They suck, I'm very disappointed. Chode.

  • InMyOpinion...

    That drop at 2:00 .... 😳 super slick. Well done Arun. Heat as usual.

  • Messenger

    Hey, I don’t know if you respond to messages on here but I’m looking for advice. Anyone else is more than welcome to respond too. For the last few years I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on earphones by beats and apple and I’ve finally had enough. I’ve done my best to research the best wireless products, as I’m looking for wireless earbuds, and I find so many reviews contradict one another. It’s left me utterly confused. I mainly have my eyes on the following; • Samsung Bud Pros • Bang + Olsphen E8 2.0 • Nothing Ear 1 • Sennheiser Momentum I was wondering which you’d ultimately go for. I’m looking for the best I can possibly of the best sound quality wise, proper crisp sound with a heart pounding bass, hoping for decent noise cancellation, decent battery life, reliable and professional quality, etc… Thanks so much in advance, N

    • Messenger

      @InMyOpinion... Hey! Thank you for your response. I use Jabra headphones for work and they’re brilliant but I never thought of buying them for leisure. I’ll definitely look into that recommendation, I really appreciate it x

    • InMyOpinion...

      Also, check out Mike O Briens reviews, he's pretty based.

    • InMyOpinion...

      Yo, I've been daily driving the Jabra Elite Active 75t for 6 months, and so far, they're really good. 6-7hr battery, water resistant, ANC, tactile controls, great bass, and low profile look. I recommend em to anybody getting into the Bluetooth earbuds space.

  • Suhail Khan
    Suhail Khan

    Broo plz talk about skull candy earbuds

  • Kishanth C
    Kishanth C

    I learnt more in this vid than 12 yrs of schooling

  • Dangamer Top
    Dangamer Top

    A more powerful Soundwave

  • All That Exists
    All That Exists

    His fav song is prob Rick AStley-NEVR GONNA GIVE U UP

  • nacidoparaganar

    The only review video that I did not fast forward. Period

  • Ibad Samad
    Ibad Samad

    Best tech channel in the entire world keep it up bro

  • How to,s
    How to,s

    8:24 never gonna give you up

  • Salman Sharief
    Salman Sharief

    Ur explanation is better than my college lecturer

  • CODM gamer
    CODM gamer

    I am always confuse with his yt channel name 😂😂

  • Jess Scott X-A
    Jess Scott X-A

    Realme bud is cheaper than it it and have everything you said

    • Go To My 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗻nel [𝗟!𝘃𝗲 Cha
      Go To My 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗻nel [𝗟!𝘃𝗲 Cha

      Until I saw all the tech reviewers making videos on these I hadn’t seen them hyped up anywhere.

    • CODM gamer
      CODM gamer

      Yes😊😊😊😊but nothing is better than buy nothing

  • Alvin

    One question do you need a bluetooth 5.2 Smartphone for these to even work or can you also use a 5.0 Smartphone?

  • Dịch Vụ Zalo (
    Dịch Vụ Zalo (

    20:46:24 Trời không xanh. Mây cũng không trắng. Em không say nắng. Nhưng em lại say anh. 🌙 🌬

  • Rich Briere
    Rich Briere

    Nothings are Bassilicious. Many Thanks!


    Arun doing so much.....bleep test

  • Sunil Kumta
    Sunil Kumta

    This sounds great... Now all I want is $99 and $300 for a phone 😂


    you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

  • Precious Chuks
    Precious Chuks

    Yo !... I love Morning Brew!💯😍

  • Precious Chuks
    Precious Chuks

    Quite informative!❣️.. Thank you!💯

  • Invicta Films
    Invicta Films

    They should make a product called Nothing: Special

  • MechaPlays

    Thanks for the traumatic memory of doing bleep tests at school man, appreciate that haha

  • Morgan Opara
    Morgan Opara

    Sony's xmf... Whatever they are called😅😅

  • Jeff Harrison
    Jeff Harrison

    When are they available in Canada 🍁??

  • Dark Demon
    Dark Demon

    Hey really enjoy your videos, but whilst after marking the categories of specs please keep the small graphic of what did you mark.

  • junesuprise

    Lossless hifi tidal music on bluetooth Sigh!

  • Mary Madigan
    Mary Madigan

    These buds are costing €150 on Amazon thought they were only €100 nice review 😎💯🇮🇪

  • Csquared

    You didn't go with "a sub to the channel would cost you Nothing"?

  • Özhan P
    Özhan P

    I generally love your content. But this video made me question your credibility big time. If you haven’t got paid for saying that “sound better”, I believe it would be better to avoid making reviews on audio products, or at least be a bit more conservative at the audio quality section which I highly doubt with this video that you are a credible authority for.

  • Sulaiman


  • Armin

    oneplus buds pro soon ?

  • Agasthi Chandrasekhar
    Agasthi Chandrasekhar

    Never gonna give you up??

  • Mud

    Do they work well with apps like MS Teams on a laptop?

  • Paulo Manuntag
    Paulo Manuntag

    Is this better than any iem's exist?

    • Silent W212
      Silent W212

      Absolutely not they have average performance for the price but it cannot compete with the big dogs like the AirPods Pro, if you want the best sound in a budget either buy the lypertek tevi or galaxy buds plus or maybe even some wired iems

  • Vinay Kumar Cheryala
    Vinay Kumar Cheryala

    It is support voice assistant like ( Google assistant and apple siri ) ❓

  • Ferricity AMV
    Ferricity AMV

    Man ignore 1+ . They are traitor. Entering as flagship killer just to become the enemy they want extinguished. Hope xiaomi doesn't go down the same road.

  • mntnrder

    The bubbles subconsciously remind you of the component locations before you open the case and that should make new and intermediate users more adept at using the product and avoid stumbling

  • Levi Youngberg
    Levi Youngberg

    I’m actually sure that Aruns Favorite song is rebellious way by basixx and erye

  • NrX Exotic
    NrX Exotic

    Bruh in my opinion airpods are 2x the price so this nothing ear one if fantastic

    • Silent W212
      Silent W212

      Bruh the AirPods Pro are better in every way tho including sound I have both pairs and the nothings sound good for the price but they can’t compete with the AirPods

  • Rahul Dey
    Rahul Dey

    I am watching this video with nothing ear 1 on....and I can say its lags a lot with laptops. I am facing a significant lag even while watching this video. Also, call quality is bad. So, definitely not worth the hype.

  • Ramzi Rmz
    Ramzi Rmz

    I don't know why but the design is the first thing I like the most of these earphones.

  • TEddy Heathfiele
    TEddy Heathfiele

    Never gonna give you up

  • Bronze Animations
    Bronze Animations

    Me with 30$ wireless earbuds that are amazing

    • Tizian Jablonowski
      Tizian Jablonowski

      @Bronze Animations tysm

    • Bronze Animations
      Bronze Animations

      @Tizian Jablonowski tozo t6, doesn't have noise cancelling, but some of the better models do. Would recommend if you are searching.

    • Tizian Jablonowski
      Tizian Jablonowski

      which ones do u have? :)

  • YASH yt
    YASH yt


  • GRIMメFeArLeSs

    Do it has sound latency while playing online games????

  • Sambasiva Reddy
    Sambasiva Reddy

    Your all videos looks similar. Content is good but change editing style

  • Phu Minh Bui Thanh
    Phu Minh Bui Thanh

    does anyone have trouble pairing this to their PC/laptops? My iPhone can easily pair it but my laptop won't detect it anyway T.T

  • Madhukar Sekhar
    Madhukar Sekhar

    Oh yeah, I just ordered Nothing.....

  • kaii (su4ns3t)
    kaii (su4ns3t)

    ha lolz


    Akshay from 'BEEBOM' strongly pointed out that ANC(active noise cancellation) isn't good in these earphones. My question is who's right?

    • Silent W212
      Silent W212

      Akshay, I have both the AirPods and the nothings and they simply cannot compete with the AirPods, they sound good for the price but they obviously can’t compete with headphones almost 5 times it’s price

  • we all gamers
    we all gamers

    Ear buds are best nothing

  • pottyputter05

    They are great for the price but I ultimately have settled on Sony Xm4s they just crush everything

  • Sahil Shah
    Sahil Shah

    you should make a comparison between Nothing ear 1 and Bose quiet comfort earbuds. Really confused between these 2

    • Silent W212
      Silent W212

      Nothing is a budget earbud and the Bose is among the best top dogs how do you compare these?, nothing’s sound like every other tws in that price range but the Bose are obviously better

  • warrend35

    Got mine yesterday wow i freakn love them 🤪

  • Sukhdeep Singh
    Sukhdeep Singh

    Apple- Nothing better than airpods pro. Carl Pei:- Laughs in corner 😂😂

    • Silent W212
      Silent W212

      They aren’t better

  • Dulaj rox
    Dulaj rox

    🌈 🐦 😊

  • E_Pixelz

    6:38 missed opportunity to say “A sub to the channel would be… something”

  • YourAverageGamer

    That song is never gonna give you up. Yes i went to the lenght to do some calculations

  • Jake

    Jbl reflect flow is the best quality lowest prive earphone out there, they are amazing

  • Abdullah Al Mahdi
    Abdullah Al Mahdi

    I wish to get one

    • H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel
      H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel

      8:26 - Definitely Never gonna give you up 😂😂

  • Zuabir Islam
    Zuabir Islam

    Still thinking why Carl Pei left one plus

  • Zuabir Islam
    Zuabir Islam

    Might buy this nothing Ear 1. They sound better than AirPods and also cheap.

    • Silent W212
      Silent W212

      They sound good for the price but there is a big difference between these and the AirPods which makes sense considering the price, if you care about sound then buy the lypertek tevi but if you care about the additional features buy the nothings

  • idkrem Montoya
    idkrem Montoya

    I'm just waiting for the rickroll

  • Cape - ish
    Cape - ish

    8:24 God dammit Arun. That's a cheeky rickroll.

  • Ajayreddy colours
    Ajayreddy colours

    Wrost nothing ear 1

  • Kern Yih Bong
    Kern Yih Bong

    For $99, it's easily a steal.

  • OllieORT

    0:38 that sounds like a terrible selling point "oh hey Jimbo what phone are you using?" "Um, Nothing"

  • Masum Liton
    Masum Liton

    You could have just agreed to give out 100 free headphones, after trying them and not blowing the chance your subscribers by using them as a bad example.

  • Mahbuba khan
    Mahbuba khan


  • Destiny Obayuwana
    Destiny Obayuwana



    My case was already scratched when it arrived😔

  • Zone 24/7
    Zone 24/7

    99$ is not budget if you ask me, i would never spend more than 30$ on wireless earphones, and 30$ is still not buget friendly Its just my opinion, don't bark here, shooooo

  • COLD


  • Viliami Halahala
    Viliami Halahala

    Can you review the nuratrue plz


    This man taught me how ears works ,better than my teacher

  • Rhodriguez Leon
    Rhodriguez Leon

    Your preview is really extraordinary, you give it the best of it👌