How Tech Companies Manipulate the Media ft. MKBHD
The 5 key ways that Tech Companies (Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Apple etc) try to control the narrative of the Media. Thanks to Marques for his time on this too, check his channel here:

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Do consider sharing this message, so it reaches the people it needs to reach 👊 Also First video with the new Camera! Who can tell the difference?

    • Kevin LA
      Kevin LA

      You can't complain that big business is manipulating the message when you are enabling them to do so. You in essence are part of the very thing that you guys are complaining about. Wait until the product is released and then do your review. Just a suggestion.

    • Mr Batu
      Mr Batu

      Mr Who set the BOSS !!!

    • Makise Kurisu
      Makise Kurisu

      It's really an never ending battle!

    • STK D
      STK D

      Commenting in hopes of winning the iphone 13 pro in the giveaway 😄

    • N-r-S S
      N-r-S S

      @XEETECHCARE Have you ever watch Arun's beware of fake reviewers.Thats suit you well bro.I dont know how 1 million followers easily trust you.I use to watch some of your video and did find you cleverly put some interesting title as bait to your audience.Watch that video from Arun you know what i : your new video "this is it" refering to iphone 13 is a joke. Arun and Marqus work hard but you're just a boy who needs to learn more.You just pick some ideas and leak info here and there and paste it and make dumb content.

  • FlowerBomb Quincey
    FlowerBomb Quincey

    Wow! I had theorized this happens, but I had no idea that it was on this scale. Thank you guys for keeping it 💯 honest

  • Kevin

    Honesty and Courage to post this video. NEW Subscriber on board!

  • TheNazradin

    Really the review community should be stating when there are conditions attached to their review, much in the same way that you need to state when your video has paid sponsorship.

  • S G Creations
    S G Creations

    thanks foe honesty

  • Let's Doodle Something HOME
    Let's Doodle Something HOME

    “You are allowed to compare our products to previous/different ones! *but!* only the ones we approve, ;)”

  • Let's Doodle Something HOME
    Let's Doodle Something HOME

    Nothing air 1: so you can talk and review about it, but you just can’t say how it feels and how the sound quality is. *ah yes, you are allowed to use this toilet but not judge or speak about it’s conditions*

  • Rawang MP
    Rawang MP

    When U on the targeted list -- it's NO fun. If U just cruising without communication with the platform & content provider than U are under observation until U start as above-mentioned. Have a wonderful media Life 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shmuel D.
    Shmuel D.

    Kudos for being an open journalist.

  • Kim Jong- Un
    Kim Jong- Un

    *Unbox Therapy is crying in the corner right now.*

  • Gabriel Guynn
    Gabriel Guynn

    So ready to buy the red phone now!

  • Dikel Tripura
    Dikel Tripura

    Love from bangladesh🇧🇩

  • rムhʍn

    The dislikes are from thr Company Employees that r forced to do so!🤔

  • Peter Coll
    Peter Coll

    If you do not like the rules, don't play the game. But you won't do that because then you would need to wait until the retail release and you would be days behind and lose views. How about you get over your woe is me attitude and go full Kyrie Irving and take a stand ...... or not.

    • Peter Coll
      Peter Coll

      @chazer 007 Well then he made his point. Congrats to him.

    • chazer 007
      chazer 007

      You are aware that by making this he most likely has been blacklisted by most companies right?

  • Dugtrio Ramen
    Dugtrio Ramen

    Google is scary. He said "red hydrogen one", I paused the video, went to search, typed in "red", and it was right there

  • Δημήτρης Μ
    Δημήτρης Μ

    Respect 😎😎😎

  • MXE

    The people who disliked this video are the employees of the companies mentioned in the video.

  • 2445 jim
    2445 jim

    apple/Samsung fan boys complaining about the embargo.

  • Barry James
    Barry James

    I want that Hydrogen Phone!!

  • AppleBoy '
    AppleBoy '

    3:06 “we love your money”

  • What This Video - WTv
    What This Video - WTv

    Series of events for a RSloftr: - Starts youtube channel - Buy products from own money - Give honest reviews - People like videos bcoz of honest reviews - Channel grows - Companies starts reaching RSloftr - Companies give pre-launch products/free product for review - Content creator says companies try to manipulate their views So think about who is at a fault here, company, reviewer or public? Now the content creator will say bcoz of competion, they want to get products earlier to make a timely review but here comes the creativity. If everyone talks about the product same way, just find a different view on that. Even if the video would be delayed, the video will be relevant. You are talking about a problem which you created yourself(not specifically talking about you, I'm talking about the problem here). If you buy product with your own money and make video of that with your creativity, you'll not face this problem at all. Nobody gonna influence you to do anything.

  • DrC

    The samsung phones cannot be perfect by default, because of it's bloated software. I gave them up 3 years ago, and never looked back.

  • Vishnudas v
    Vishnudas v

    How an company can restrict you from saying your personal opinion about an product. Was that morally or legally right

  • Laique Taher
    Laique Taher

    Don’t throw shade on unbox therapy. Giving back to the viewers is a good thing.

  • nvatek

    Google pixel 6 ? 2 x embargo?

  • David J
    David J

    I understand the issue, to be honest unboxings don't add much value for me hence the reason I haven't watched any Pixel 6 videos. Although you have 2 embargoes why don't you review the product when you can actually review it (the 2nd embargo).

  • Morgrain

    This video feels quite relevant, now that Google is trying to squeeze out as much money as possible out of potential Pixel 6 buyers, by using a double embargo...

  • christos christou
    christos christou

    Guys we really appreciate your honesty, but now you have made a lot of money from our views and time, so now you can buy the phone with your money and make us honest review. We will wait for your review till the product get released 🙂

  • Rommel Estanislao
    Rommel Estanislao

    Well said Bro Thumb's up for this

  • Michelle Okeefe
    Michelle Okeefe

    Thanks for that information. 👍

  • Anthony Gyau
    Anthony Gyau

    Arun is the best, hands down

  • Anthony Gyau
    Anthony Gyau

    You will always be the Boss. Arun 👑

  • Zyler

    The two embargos make me worried with pixel 6 haha

  • xNiiiCoLaSx

    The polite maid literally snore because deposit comprehensively invite near a vivacious velvet. acid, gainful energy

  • Kurtis Mielke
    Kurtis Mielke

    To: You RSloftrs, Marques and Mrwhosetheboss Dear RSloftrs, I want to give RSloftrs a shoutout with much respect to your commitment to your job. As you know we "Your Fans and followers" respect and commend you for what you do best, making us "The all mighty consumers" consumers understand what is really going on in the background of this type of marketing. You are a true middle men like the most of middle class Northern America. Sucks, Welcome to the full onslaught of corporate america!

  • harikrishna raghuraman
    harikrishna raghuraman

    Great insightful video.

  • Gian Carlo Magdaleno
    Gian Carlo Magdaleno

    why would they be mad at tech youtube reviewer if they didn't like what you all said? aren't the point to get honest review?

    • Gian Carlo Magdaleno
      Gian Carlo Magdaleno

      don't be close minded thinking that your product is of good quality and say dont talk about this and that on your review video blah blah

  • Blackbird

    Think of the second embargo as the real embargo and stop crying for views. Embargos have dates not your "first" video and your "second" video. This reduce rushed reviews, win for everyone except greedy RSloftrs.

  • Kevin R.
    Kevin R.

    Get over yourselves. Influencers also click bait, post hasty reviews to be first, and AGREED to these terms (for receiving early products) to achieve all of this. Now you b****ing about it? Y'all made your bed, lay in it.

  • Arkangel Arkangel
    Arkangel Arkangel

    Can you two dorks please call Sony and see if you can both review the PS5... and hopefully get 100 copies to giveaway... I stand a better chance of 1 actually getting one. . And 2 believing they actually exist.

  • Bokin Lego
    Bokin Lego

    Fakenical Guruji and Unbox Therapy are the exact opposites of Mrwhosetheboss and MKBHD in a sense that most of their videos are all about promotions, biased reviews and massive giveaways

  • Arbaaz Ur Rahman Alnoor
    Arbaaz Ur Rahman Alnoor

    Helped me understand more regarding the pixel 6 launch. Thanks !

  • HIRO'S TV Japan
    HIRO'S TV Japan

    That's why I don't trust reviews on RSloft that people get for free. Like Floss his reviews are real. He buys with his own money and really say bad and good things. But like others Justin she loves iPhone no point of her to review Android phone. I know she never use it and can't believe what she say about Apple products. She will never say bad things about it. And this time maybe Google is giving like us small creators chance to do full reviews same time like you guys the big boys. Small creators never have chance to grow when we get products after all big creators finish full reviews.

  • Gary Curtin
    Gary Curtin

    Thank you for this. Had no idea you guys were being jostled by these companies. It's deplorable.

  • Muthukumaran N M
    Muthukumaran N M

    Nobody forced you to review anything... Grow up.

  • wesley lim
    wesley lim

    This is like step by step tutorial for those companies...

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson

    Big fan of MKBHD

  • Kevin LA
    Kevin LA

    You can't complain that big business is manipulating the message when you are enabling them to do so. You in essence are part of the very thing that you guys are complaining about. Wait until the product is released and then do your review. Just a suggestion.

  • Kevin LA
    Kevin LA

    Don't ask for a (free) pre-release device and then complain about the embargo. Just saying!

  • M Dub
    M Dub

    What a baby. The double embargo makes the most financial sense for these companies. It's not always rooted with deceit. The official product launches when it launches. The developer can issue a day 1 software update if needed, I don't want a review addressing problems that may have been fixed in that day 1 update.

  • Bryan eickelberger
    Bryan eickelberger

    Good video

  • Bee urundul
    Bee urundul

    thank you for keeping real! :D

  • TheBankruptSoul

    You guys keep the internet alive for me.

  • RobZimiga

    One thing that a lot of influencers do is they pay for the product end up getting reimbursed via PayPal by the company.. so they can say in their video that they paid for it with "their own money" but failed to say that they were reimbursed by the company after they posted their video to their liking and were reimbursed... Friends of mine have done that tons of times and that does a big disservice to people who are actually trying to buy product.. I think now that the cat's out of the bag and a lot of influencers are not given products there seems to be a revolt against the companies... Influencers have reaped the rewards of free s*** for way too long.. and done a big disservice to people like me who actually buy products for work.. and look for honest reviews.. I've been asked on several occasions to review products but I refuse because I cannot lie and do a disservice to the people who work hard for their money.

  • TheBankruptSoul

    Bravo! 👏

  • Manminder Singh
    Manminder Singh

    What can I actually say? Nothing

  • Groud Frank
    Groud Frank

    Are you guys really going to put me in the position where I have to defend billion dollar companies? You million dollar RSloftrs with your Teslas and entire building full of employees are not victims here. You are not fighting for me or the average consumer. This is about protecting your wallets and your business - everything else is secondary and I resent the implications that it is anything else - indignant even. Look at it this way, all of the smaller RSloftrs who don't have hundreds of thousands to throw at getting equipment for making videos are going to get a chance to pool their resources to get something done. I've unsubscribed from both MKBHD and MrWhosTheBoss a while ago and opted to go with smaller channels to push back against an algorithms that has heavily favoured and enriched you. Y'all are not victims here. Just do that Elmo ish where you use your imagination to pretend you got the phone a couple days before embargo gets lifted. Adapt and evolve like the smaller channels who are forced to just scrape together a living on this platform. What the hell y'all complaining about - getting a bunch of free stuff you sometimes get to give away and sometimes get to keep??? This is as first world as you can get.

    • RRAGeneral14

      Glad I read this comment. You said everything I had in my mind. ✅

  • aaryaputra108

    We should stop watching these first impression videos so that RSloftrs also don't try to mislead us or make money off pointless videos that don't actually honestly review the product.

  • Life Companion
    Life Companion

    Brands like Oppo and OnePlus even banned youtubers for showing the truth. And this happens because some have empty head but deep pockets.

  • Morgrain

    There is an issue solution to this. Stop covering products that require these kind of embargos. If ALL big tech sites/RSloftrs have the courage to say "no, not that way" - the companies will be forced to allow you to do whatever you seem necessary. Of course, that requires some persistence. And perseverance.

  • Saimohith

    If there's an dual embargo, just don't make any first impressions. There's one positive thing here with dual embargo. That's they give you a good time to completely look into the positives and negatives of a device. It's a good one but it annoys you because you have to make two videos.

  • Buttermaker

    Thanks for this video. If you're not allowed to do a judgement about the Google Pixel 6/6Pro, I will do and it's not positive, because it's not possible to preorder it here in Switzerland. Switzerland is not on the list of the 9 countrys where it's available now. 🤬 But anyway I'm waiting for the Reviews on October 25th.

  • Johann Pascual
    Johann Pascual

    We are all SHEEPS.

  • Alia Rizvi
    Alia Rizvi

    Love both of you!

  • forte

    Haha the perfect Samsung. Give me credit

  • ElCapitanoish

    Hopefully the pixel 6 does not suffer from the EDL issues the pixel 3 and 4 suffer from. I wouldn't be surprised if soon, the pixel 5 suffers from that same EDL fate. :(

  • Bob Simmons
    Bob Simmons

    Lew will push anything if the price is right

  • Gurdas Maan
    Gurdas Maan

    I am waiting for full review of Pixel 6 and Pro before making my decision to buy. Its hard to wait.

  • Henry Fiol
    Henry Fiol

    great video love the honesty

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth

    Great to see marques speaks freely i love that

  • TheSpiritualLibrary

    I tell you something though, these 2 creators or at least MKHBD are doing the same thing they criticized the companies of, because if you know that they are not letting express everything you actually think about the device, why don`t you wait until you are able to express your true experience with the device, instead of throwing a video with limited opinions, ohhhh they do it because they want views.

  • Naca

    pov: he is saying his channel is good " i spend w eeks on making the videos etc"

  • traffut

    Been watching you since you had probably 10000 subscribers. I'm glad you never sold to the devil and speak out freely. Hats off to you Arun!

  • JunkDNA Reviews
    JunkDNA Reviews


  • Sam

    YES! This is the honesty I look forward to. you just earned a sub!

  • Alan Reyes
    Alan Reyes

    Then there’s the Pixel 6 embargo right now.

  • A C
    A C

    Thanks for not making the Pixel "unboxing and first look" video!

  • Ariel Sanchez
    Ariel Sanchez

    They should call it a moratorium on genuine reviews instead of embargo. Holistically though, this entire platform has morphed to become more about advertisements and less about information sharing. My top level feed seems to be all about network television clips, despite not subscribing to any network television channels.

  • NIhalSK Games
    NIhalSK Games

    Him:rips the tape Also him: still does all the thing he says no to

  • baloch

    Subscribed, for your honesty plus quality content. Before I was only a MKBHD subscriber, but from today I have two favorite RSloftrs. Thanks!

  • Keshav Munagala
    Keshav Munagala

    Title of this video should be : How influencers get influenced 😂

  • Mark Titus Ramos
    Mark Titus Ramos

    I see. That is MKBHD was not turning on the Pixel 6. Was waiting for him to open it up on his first impressions video. 😆😆

  • M I
    M I

    Dual embargo - Google screaming its dual Pixel 6/6 pro embargo RN so hard even my Nan knows about it - and even SHE thinks it's a wack idea. Tax dodging bar stewards.

  • Yogi K
    Yogi K

    Hey Bro good job on not covering pixel 6 yet. Respect for that

  • C O
    C O

    How the fuck is this guy having an english accent ?

  • Dhruv Arora
    Dhruv Arora

    Huge shoutout to you guys! Honesty will go a long way with your viewers.

  • DxrshXV

    12:03 why does that "nope" sound so artificial, like its not the real mrwhosetheboss who said that 😂

    • 𝙂𝙤 𝙏𝙤 My Channel [H.0.T Chat]
      𝙂𝙤 𝙏𝙤 My Channel [H.0.T Chat]

      Everyone: "Name the greatest collab in history." Mrwhosetheboss: "Say no more"

  • Pra Baj
    Pra Baj

    This is what's stopping me from preordering the Pixel 6 right now.

  • Rafeez Razi
    Rafeez Razi

    bullsbit look on the mkbhd..repeats the same fucking thing on the pixel 6..

  • Behroze Choudary
    Behroze Choudary


  • sakhawat hosain
    sakhawat hosain

    Marques Brownlee Brother I have a big desire in my life to use an iPhone set but I can't afford to buy an iPhone because the price of an iPhone set in Bangladesh is so much that I can't afford it brother I saw you in a video I asked for an iPhone, brother, please give me an iPhone set. I live in Bangladesh

  • Dan

    Check MKBHD review of lg g6 and tell me he hasn't sold himself... Best bang for the buck phone ever and he said "nothing special" while it has tons of unique features like quad dac, first ultra wide camera, military grade dropproof. Bought new for 400eur which was the cheapest flag man. Yeah... Nothing special..

  • Mannminderpal Singh
    Mannminderpal Singh

    I'm a regular watcher (more than that, a fan ,yupp) of mkbhd videos... Now I found this channel 3 days ago (from twitter) and I've spent 6 hours watching videos in this channel (according to digital wellbeing for RSloft, and I haven't watched anything else in 3 days) And now seeing mkbhd here again made it even more reliable and trustworthy (it already was *so much* fun to watch, so much info in such short videos)

  • K M Mezbaul Hoque
    K M Mezbaul Hoque

    maybe we should avoid tech reviewers reviews 🤣

  • No_username ??
    No_username ??

    This vid is greatly under appreciated prolly one of the most risky things a tech tuber can do is to expose a company these two did it taking all risks gud job

  • Blueberry Hill
    Blueberry Hill

    These restrictions are crazy and yet they say China is bad. Some of these tech companies are worse than a dictator state

  • Rafael Gonzalez
    Rafael Gonzalez

    @iJustine does these ad videos. The reason I won't subscribe to her channel.

  • narciso bautista
    narciso bautista

    This made me subscribe to you i swear

  • Rachit Dubey
    Rachit Dubey

    2. Coming soon.... I phone features But no sheep complains.

  • CoinTechGayan

    • 𝙂𝙤 𝙏𝙤 My Channel [H.0.T 𝘾𝙝
      𝙂𝙤 𝙏𝙤 My Channel [H.0.T 𝘾𝙝

      Never thought a 2 huge tech RSloftr collab would manipulate me into watching this video

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