How many Spy Cameras are Recording you right now?
Spy cameras are only decreasing in size, and increasing in number - here's how to spot them!
To find out which Tech company has the worst customer support:
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    No soft bears were harmed during the filming of this video...Did you guess right about which gadget was recording? 😅 To find out which Tech company has the worst customer support: For one of the worst tech Scams in history:

    • TigarriYT

      if i find one of these, i aint telling the police, i stabbin, and also blackmailin.

    • The Darth Chicken Playz
      The Darth Chicken Playz

      @A5 Flix same

    • The Darth Chicken Playz
      The Darth Chicken Playz

      @Hank P did you just.. sigh

    • IHave2BeHasan

      Good no soft bears were ripped open

    • Bruh Buddy
      Bruh Buddy

      The last of the first side that’s placed on Fifty minutes and 76seconds

  • RubyRed

    "oh yes just like that" wanna talk about something?

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    It's not just cheap motels you should worry about. Expensive hotels have high end customers that are worth more to blackmail

  • Dikel Tripura
    Dikel Tripura

    Love from bangladesh🇧🇩

  • berryfairy68

    With it's consent 🤣 This spy thing is horrible 😭 Wish I was in the 80's.

  • RustbeltRob classic
    RustbeltRob classic

    Honestly if you don't realize electronics are listening to you, recording you, or tracking you at this point, you probably live in a delusional state.

  • avocadoangel

    That's why I have trust issues. I covered all of the cameras in my gadgets and ppl around me think I'm watching pörn. 😭

  • cyriel Baquial
    cyriel Baquial

    Imma save that acc Shrek69 getoutofmyswamp 😂😂😂

  • Fereiro1410

    I'm going to buy those spy glasses instead of a go pro lol, and since i need to wear glasses in real life (because I'm blind as fuck) i get an excuse to record everything including: Embarrassing things People voices Some useful information And crime evidence (if i need to)

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore

    Its crazy how small they are never know if your being watched

  • Arkham Arxher
    Arkham Arxher

    The only reasonable cost solution to this is jamming, which is conveniently made illegal and punished severely in most countries... 🤔

  • Erik Sanders
    Erik Sanders

    Are you QAnon UK? Very funny video. Pure comedy.

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin

    find them by using a flare light or blue light to catch em

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin

    you can track the ip address of the stream and send the police to em

  • Manson Mason
    Manson Mason

    who else pressed k b s just incase

  • quacki boiiiiiii
    quacki boiiiiiii

    those people are perverts

  • ꧁Krypto Skorpion꧂
    ꧁Krypto Skorpion꧂

    Signal jammer get one for your self. :D

  • gumshoesoul

    Now if they could only find someone to listen to all that shit.

  • Nirnoy Debnath
    Nirnoy Debnath

    5:04 the teddy says something.......

  • Rj2dj2 C
    Rj2dj2 C

    Its the same with school administrated laptops.

  • Belinda & Daniella Tousson
    Belinda & Daniella Tousson

    Offer a Zoom class on it. :) I'll help teach it. :)

  • Belinda & Daniella Tousson
    Belinda & Daniella Tousson

    I've put the spycam sand on my automowers. lol

  • Belinda & Daniella Tousson
    Belinda & Daniella Tousson

    I have a camera finder/transmission finder. lol

  • Belinda & Daniella Tousson
    Belinda & Daniella Tousson

    Those usb devices/keystroke can be installed inside the computer case. They don't have to be stuck on the outside. By sticking in a USB card inside, or even they can be rewired to be hidden inside the keyboard. I's just a shell on the keyboard or computer. Just noting. A USB can also be a camera and mic - INSIDE the is obvious. lol Lorex (chinese company) does this. I took 4 out of my lorex system. Lyric had 1 - honeywell. It's hidden with the camera that is obvious. But the extra power cable gave it away. I removed it. I never thought my 17 years in IT (building computers and programming) would have to be used against personal attacks of spying. It's really random in the case of consumer goods though. They stick it in every thing they sell. They get more data than ever because only a few of us know how to check stuff before we bring it all the way into the house or as one of the first tests after plugging it in. They can't hide transmission signals no matter what they do. lol

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet

    Wait is that plushie a reference to Xi Jinping? Lol

    • kupen does everything
      kupen does everything

      -50 ccp social credit

  • BizzBoom!

    when the nerd shows up with the footage of him getting bullied from his glasses XD

  • Evelyn De Borja
    Evelyn De Borja

    can i get 100 pounds

  • Anne Francis xavier
    Anne Francis xavier

    I thought this video was supposed to hel you find hidden camaraderie if there are caus either hwvr been insecure now I fell worse

  • Just a girl
    Just a girl

    me: thinking i outsmarted everyone by covering my webcam when I first got my computer... This video: Hahahahahha

  • LestatTravesty

    i have no desire to spy on anyone. that shit is just creepy plus, all the shit we do behind the sceens. like just not real personal stuff, but like when you drop food on the floor, it pisses you off and you pick all up and eat it anyways lol.. people don't need to know how much they and I do that :) last floor victom was two beautifully made and yummy chicken sandwhiches. all over the got dam floor lol the plate and everything flipped off the countred upside down ont he floor. pissed me right off. so close to being done and eathing them and that happened. so if a mic was on you'd here me WTF'ing everything lol

  • redpepper75

    Hi this is John DeLorean, I just time traveled and got this random video in my feed. Thank you

  • creepqwest

    Cought in 4k

  • 10_poggo_champ_01

    Me currently in a hotel “shiiiiiiiiiiii-“ but don’t worry it’s trusted

  • victor nice
    victor nice

    Perverse to say the VERY LEAST

  • Hallo, mein name ist karl
    Hallo, mein name ist karl

    Since when is my usb charger recording me?

  • Jude The Destroyer
    Jude The Destroyer

    Shrek69 GetOutOfMySwamp

  • mimiko857

    no problem! I'm glad I don't have even a single friend in this earth I can freely do things inside my house alone! thank goodness many crazy hackers people these days

    • Fearless

      @mimiko857 I know you are telling the truth. I'm saying, you should meet some friends. Your lifeststyle is too extreme, not all people are bad, yes becareful but live you life.

    • mimiko857

      @Fearless ofc they have a lot but I'm actually telling the truth about no friend part

    • Fearless

      well that's a bit over the top, not having any friends. I get you point though. Pubic places can have these camera's too.

  • Captain black
    Captain black


  • cr3sh3r

    i got a webcam ad in the middle of the video

  • CL0WN

    9:12 I love how badass this bit is idky...

  • CL0WN

    2:29 when you order same day shipping at 11:59:59

  • Fraz Umer
    Fraz Umer

    actually yes i have a huawei phone and an xiomi watch


    It’s easy to see the air freshener mic

  • TNG Gaming
    TNG Gaming

    i love the 3 first notes from rick ashleys never gonna give you up right after you "exposed" your password

  • Clara Panikian
    Clara Panikian


  • a

    I say the air freshener’s camera instantly.

  • iPhone 11
    iPhone 11

    Only one person can actually find those spy cameras without any gadget to use. That girl is hard to find.

  • Kadeeja ali
    Kadeeja ali

    I have expected theworst

  • Software Files
    Software Files

    i am going to buy a microphone like that and I put in my neighbour's house

  • Creased Chino
    Creased Chino

    It’s like the inventors are searching for death

  • Eplexo

    Thankyou Mrwhosetheboss, now I know what to do.

  • D Smith
    D Smith

    I was thinking “poor Pooh” until 5:01… 👏👍😎🤣😂🤣

  • Corgi and Noah
    Corgi and Noah

    *imagine if the bug finder was spying on you*

  • strsocerplaya9

    Now anyone can be James Bond

  • strsocerplaya9

    Im going to take feeble comfort in knowing this is about the UK where I do not live...

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    I've had 3 nightmares from this

  • ak11230

    Welcome to Communist East Berlin... We only made technological progress. Old days Communist photo You and listen by putting drinking glass on You're hotel room walls... 1979 Communist Germany , Poland ... Remember that old Rome saying " Nothing new under the sun " More things change the more they remain the same ....

  • thatva_playz

    5:50 he dancing boi

  • Phantom

    Shrek69 Getoutofmyswamp LOL

  • Hjalmolfr

    cool Xi Jinping plushie. I don't know if I like the idea of him listening to me though.


    Wow… this is scary af 😳

  • Jennifer Ott
    Jennifer Ott

    What if you don't mind being spied on.....

  • Christine Deepa
    Christine Deepa

    So whats the solution? If there is people that spy on others, its mean they are criminals and violators bad. They will be jailed if police get them complain, tell police and do whats right. No one should do that.Even if you check all and keep all permission blocked people can di crimes CRIMES. Ask help shout louder until you are heard. People cannot be anxious or dusturbed even if they are hurt.

  • Just bread
    Just bread

    With those teddys I heard they put cameras in there eye

  • nalvar82

    Very well done!!! Subscribed! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Happi Cat
    Happi Cat

    The glasses would be useful for irl twitch streaming… I’m totally not buying one right now

  • Merrýden Ghosttech Mage☆
    Merrýden Ghosttech Mage☆


  • loshita- Ishanth
    loshita- Ishanth

    5:00 hey that's Inappropriate

  • Purplax__

    *That is not comfortable when watching on toilet* i can confirm that…

  • Otaku Hunter
    Otaku Hunter

    Israeli security agencies laughing in the backgeound

  • stephen Lee
    stephen Lee

    can you link where you buy the spy glasses?

  • Kelvin Weber
    Kelvin Weber

    Love all your videos

  • Thomas Sarah
    Thomas Sarah

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    • Cruzzer

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    • Benson Carol
      Benson Carol

      It's not about watching videos and wasting your time,

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams

    I am a victim of spy cams, luckily, I found it before any damage, and I sued the owner of the Airbnb for 10K, Won

  • Undertale fan
    Undertale fan

    You only just found out the first is watching you?

    • Undertale fan
      Undertale fan


  • Santi

    I won't do anything wrong in my room now

  • PinDoubtsIt


  • mohammad tahir
    mohammad tahir

    Solution: Buy a WiFi jammer and switch on every time you want privacy.

    • Joel Stephenson
      Joel Stephenson


  • acajudi100

    I know, and it done to all of us. I am honest, so enjoy yourself.

  • jayce prater
    jayce prater

    infrared wireless headphones too to sense cameras

  • Shakes ESpada
    Shakes ESpada

    Thank u alot for what u have done, I appreciate 🙏it a lot💯

  • Shakes ESpada
    Shakes ESpada

    Lol dwl, 😆 you're just the best yaa mon, lol

  • Mugilan Muniandy
    Mugilan Muniandy

    5:53 what just happened???


    you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

  • demdem551

    i hope I wasn't watched in the shower or toilet...

    • WhatsApp╋➀➈➄➀➁➁➇➀➁➁➃


  • Mystery hog Anims
    Mystery hog Anims

    I eat bowls for dinner they make me stronk

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  • Jiji John
    Jiji John

    can u pls stop looking this handsome sir pls

  • Cirava Hermod
    Cirava Hermod

    i love how this video goes from spy cameras to instantly fingering winnie the pooh dolls out of nowhere. lmfaoooo

  • Sathyavathi Subramani
    Sathyavathi Subramani

    I am Looking at YOU :D

  • egg m
    egg m

    I once went to a hotel that had a speaker and it had the mod v on I didn't think much of though

  • T. skrausy
    T. skrausy

    The glasses are cool for taking first person video

  • Osman Uddin
    Osman Uddin

    There is spy camera 📸 watching you every where!!!?


    IKEA was doing this to there employees for years.

  • J M Abriam
    J M Abriam

    How to detect streaming inside my home.

  • J M Abriam
    J M Abriam

    I don't know how to detect any of this!

  • Boblington

    The light of the shower in ur bathroom

  • 9E

    Zs is y i like u!!

  • Muhammad Ashraf
    Muhammad Ashraf

    5:55 My favourite part

  • Ron sugarbruhs
    Ron sugarbruhs


  • HellOnWheels43

    I guess we’re the main characters on the Truman show

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