Dear Apple.
Dear Apple, here is what everyone wants on future iPhones! (iPhone 13, iPhone 14 etc) 👌
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

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    • Sophia V
      Sophia V

      Guys its easier to just comment when you want to say something imposrtant

    • Conservator

      @General squirrel Apple already uses an USB-C port for many devices. The proposal is to make it mandatory if the EU in 2024 so that will give Apple and others enough time.

    • STK D
      STK D

      Commenting in every possible video to hopefully win iphone 13 pro in the giveaway!

    • General squirrel
      General squirrel

      The european union wants a standard charger port and they choose usb-c so if that law passes then apple needs to add it on it.

    • Mohammadullah Subhani
      Mohammadullah Subhani

      Bro I need an iPhone 12 would you send me one you have alot

  • Hyper Gaming
    Hyper Gaming

    One thing about faceID, is that if people covered their pones with cases, most likely it is going to cover up to hime button. The only way around that, is for apple to put in an on-screen fingerprint reader, which would make the already expensive iPhones, even more expansive.

  • TitusTheBeagle

    Yo my sister’s phone is the iPhone 6 and i have never replaced the battery

  • RandyDaGamer

    5:17 where did you get that case

  • Dikel Tripura
    Dikel Tripura

    Love from bangladesh🇧🇩

  • Christopher Munday
    Christopher Munday

    I’m so glad I found this channel and love the videos but I have to hard disagree on the complaint about the flat edges. This was my favorite upgrade on the 12 pro max and I’m so glad they kept the design on the 13 line. I constantly dropped my 6+, 7+, X, XS Max, 11, and 11 pro max because of those soap bar-like edges and the squared off edges of the new phones help me hang onto the device so much better, in fact I’ve dropped my 12PM and 13PM maybe 6 times total and most of that was missing a pocket, rarely from losing grip. Having nerve damage from an injury that affects my fine motor skills, especially when I’m tired, this was the most practical upgrade Apple made in my opinion.

  • Eshan Bansal
    Eshan Bansal

    12:36 You missed another thing we would trade for a phone, *kidney*

  • mrhacker

    Actually i like the flat design by Apple

  • Rishi Pampati
    Rishi Pampati

    I just realized that the man has 53K+ emails 14:11

  • Tejas Krishna
    Tejas Krishna

    Remember... you're talking abt a company tht sells a polishing cloth for 1900rs!

  • Glenn Bordfeld
    Glenn Bordfeld

    The only reason I don't like my iphone 11 is because of the battery. It dies too quick and it just sucks and I don't feel like upgrading for $1,000.

  • WolfhunterX

    13:50 yes in fact i am using one right now

  • Dress _dk
    Dress _dk

    Bro im writing this on a iphone 6S with a replaced battery yes but that did only cost about 30-40 bucks or so.

  • Mattforce360

    My top 3 things that'll make me switch is Thumbprint scanner, Usb-c, always on display. And I like always on display so much if they just give me that I'll switch

  • MrEscalus

    After watching the vid summary of it would be something like: "Can you make iPhones more like Android phones are?" 🤔

  • Brady phillips
    Brady phillips bruh you better look into this stuff

  • kangtae3

    (maybe an) unpopular opinion: Apple started to fail just because of steve jobs dead. Steve Jobs always gave us what we (didnt know) we wanted, actually, he is the reason we are watching this video right now.

  • Hannah Millington
    Hannah Millington

    I just got a new Motorola after years with iPhone - I wish I had switched sooner! I charge my phone on Wednesdays and Sundays now, it lasts between charges! Siri is useless, battery is useless and the Motorola cost 1/5th of a iPhone 13 Pro.

  • person1010 1
    person1010 1

    On the topic of USB C ports, I think apple should just give a USB C to lightning converter with every iPhone. Like just a small hole in that plastic box for a small converter that just converts the lightning to USB C, so people who don’t want to convert can just keep the little rectangle

  • Alia Rizvi
    Alia Rizvi

    As someone who has switched to iphone just 5 months ago, I am still using Samsung on side. Reason, the one big issues I have with iphone, is no built-in editing app. Samsung has even gone far to allow you to capture a gif screenshot (like literally you can record screen as a gif in samsung and edit it with captions or filters) while iphone is still struggling to give a proper longer screenshoot option or more stylish captions for pictures and videos. You pointed out the other 2 points I am massively disappointed with is lake of customization and space to like play around with your lock screen or homescreen. If I want to use any wallpaper, I have to make sure it fits apple's criteria rather than me moving around my home/lock screen icons and changing the colors. Second is camera, iphone does have great camera but except their own built-in filters I don't see anything else improving the whole experience.

  • Star Studio
    Star Studio

    Okay lol

  • Kaneki Chin
    Kaneki Chin - here's the video for unlocking your face id with mask 😁

  • creepqwest

    Switch to Android...

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Once again android is on top😂😂

  • AgentUserYT

    I feel like the iPhone 12 and 13 is evolving in squarish is just going backwards I miss the sleek iPhone 11 sides and feels better to hold

  • Pabs TheGeek
    Pabs TheGeek

    *cough* iPad Pro *cough* has USB-C *cough*

  • Infinite Possibilities
    Infinite Possibilities

    Hold up... So he switched from Android to iOS and now he's unhappy iOS isn't more like Android? 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Kivster
    The Kivster

    An easy solution for one of the problems is just to never wear a mask like a normal person.

    • The Kivster
      The Kivster

      @Infinite Possibilities true

    • Infinite Possibilities
      Infinite Possibilities

      YES! But honestly this is the wrong place to say such things. Most people watching this channel don't think for themselves and just go with the flow. In other words, they're conformists.

  • Unavailable

    I think not being able to customize your own phone whether it would be icons, ringtone or lock screen widgets is a crime.

  • Dylann Chapman
    Dylann Chapman

    Prices in different regions are wild, I paid the equivalent of $1340 in my currency to get the iPhone 13 256GB which is enough in the US to buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB. That’s honestly insane 😂

    • BLIXY

      @Dylann Chapman rip. You should get a Samsung or something next time you get a phone.

    • Dylann Chapman
      Dylann Chapman

      @Andre Styles and more than a 13 Pro Max in my own country

    • Dylann Chapman
      Dylann Chapman

      @Andre Styles because my government charges massive import duties, which would in essence make me pay way more for an iPhone 13 Pro Max than I would for a 13 in my own country. This was already on the edge of my budget.

    • Andre Styles
      Andre Styles

      Why didn’t you get a overseas order then

  • BadDrivers

    And yes, I am using my iPhone 8 from 2017 in 2021. And I haven’t changed the battery 😀

  • BadDrivers

    No matter how fast these phones get, they will never be able to run games which the PlayStation is meant to run, so bull shit

    • BadDrivers

      @Rockthedice whatever the platform, phones can never run games like on platforms ment to.

    • Rockthedice

      I'm guessing you haven't used GeForce now, stadia or Xbox game pass

  • ZECT צורי
    ZECT צורי

    I need a live dancing cat wallpaper on my iPhone.

  • Patrick Campbell
    Patrick Campbell

    He needs to jailbreak the phone to Cydia.

  • Kaito Gamer
    Kaito Gamer

    I actually own an android with face unlock and well........i dont use it.....i just use it if my hands are dirty and i dont wanna make a mess on the fingerprint scanner......and since 2020 it just useless cuz mask go figure, and if you are in the dark you can pretty much forget about the face id

  • Average Mc
    Average Mc

    Most ppl use smooth cases

  • Devil's Creed
    Devil's Creed

  • K1ller F0x
    K1ller F0x

    Dear apple , close your facking company and stop making sh!tty devices and dirt cheaply made stuff

  • SlothGod OG
    SlothGod OG

    Have you heard of ocean horn? Console quality on apple arcade

  • Lucia Krause
    Lucia Krause

    I stayed on iOS 13.3 on my 11 Pro Max so I could jailbreak specifically for some of these options. Especially opening up without swiping up.

    • Infinite Possibilities
      Infinite Possibilities

      Jailbreaking prevents you from using Netflix and many banking apps. It's not a feasible solution for most people.

  • Alexandre _TH
    Alexandre _TH

    ure the best wach 3:38 corner down rigt Narutooooooo

  • Entoxication

    10 seconds later after apple does this: Android copies them: THIS IS OUR LEGIT IDEA AND WE CREATED IT

  • Sarang M
    Sarang M

    Arun: "Can you really use an iPhone 6s in 2021?" Me,looking at my iPhone 6 which had battery changed twice, and thinking of selling a kidney for my next upgrade.

  • Kim Jensen
    Kim Jensen

    Apple: *lets pretend we didnt see that and continue creating phones with slightly better battery life than the last one and change nothing else*

  • Furkan Gül
    Furkan Gül

    13:58 here I am with my 6s

  • LuckyNate

    I really like the iPhone 12 and 13 design, it reminds me of the good old iPhones, and it doesn't feel bad at all, idk what are you on about.

  • Dangamer Top
    Dangamer Top

    Just make 2 versions of an iPhone - one normal and one on Android with type-c, bezzel instead of Notch, fingerprint scanner and headphone jack.

    • Infinite Possibilities
      Infinite Possibilities

      Umm yeah, that'll never happen.

    • Dangamer Top
      Dangamer Top

      @siddharth acharya Or a Pixel

    • siddharth acharya
      siddharth acharya

      It might then just become another android company.

  • Liam Hill
    Liam Hill

    I agree except the square edges. I really like the square edges.


    Heres the thing, I can buy an old iphone for $300 (iPhone X in 2021) and it will be 100x better than a $300 android, but if i had the money to afford the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, it would be a No Brainer as to if I would switch. I think this is the case for most.

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet

    It would be great if they implemented the usbc on iphones but the part of the argument saying that they should do it bc of cable clutter seems a bit much. The cable and the brick only weigh so much and take so much space,unless you're carrying lots and lots of cables for some reason it doesn't make a real difference in that regard

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet

    I mean you can buy one of those icon apps,they install profiles and you can change the icons however you want

  • Kyce Essadki
    Kyce Essadki

    tbh i kind of like the new straight sides

  • Tushar Gupta
    Tushar Gupta

    I strongly disagree with your price point. I agree that phones are really important and an integral part of everyones life but that doesn't mean that you can charge extra. Consider your toothbrush, it is important to eat you healthy, but that doesntean that you can charge extra because it is an important tool that we use in our lives. Phones should be cheap because they are built at a very cheap price compared to what companies sell it for. It is ok if they take little profit per phone eg. Xiaomi, but if you are taking close to 100 percent profit and not giving essential rights leader ke right to repair then that is an issue.. cough cough....Apple.

  • Headshot gaming
    Headshot gaming

    So basically, he’s asking apple to copy android 😹

  • The Escanor
    The Escanor

    The more n more i m watching the vdos whether i should go for android or ios... The more i m getting stucked in the choices of picking one.. 🤐🤐🤐

  • Ema Carvalho
    Ema Carvalho

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! You’re an Army!!!!!!!! I’m an Army too!!!!

  • Casey Roberts
    Casey Roberts

    To sum up: You can't please everyone.

  • Dyzm

    1st number must be charger in the pack

  • Jontheartist

    7:00 yeah we went on a really long road trip a while ago and I was customizing all my apps and it took me the WHOLE DAY OF DRIVING to finish

  • Phantom SSJ
    Phantom SSJ

    I would be happy if I could minimize RSloft and do something else lol.

    • Infinite Possibilities
      Infinite Possibilities

      RSloft Premium.

  • Rajat Kale
    Rajat Kale

    How did the apps fall the way he tilted the phone where he told the customization part

  • Nigel Yong
    Nigel Yong

    Love the production values, the extra hand, the dropping the phones into the video, (how does he do it without it dropping and crashing to the floor?)

  • jason bober
    jason bober


  • abusubi

    6 Swift Key

  • JustACoolZeldaFan

    I love the phones and gadgets but, I’m an iPad/tablet person. Maybe make 1 or 2 iPad/tablet video? Thanks for reading!

  • Vlados Johnson
    Vlados Johnson

    Oh no, mrwhostheboss is a nose masker

  • Zuabir Islam
    Zuabir Islam

    iOS have very less features compared to android.


    This dude always manages to Rick roll us😂😂😂 9:08

  • _ predebut _
    _ predebut _

    i agree on almost everything except fun cameras. that wasn't it.

  • Gold

    Missing : - dash charging - Finger print sensor on the back or side - right to repair

  • Liam Western
    Liam Western

    Yes price i live in barbados and a iphone 11 64g is $1900

  • Santi

    Easiest phone to use

  • Korla Korla
    Korla Korla

    I just hate how no one is talking about storage. The base storage starts at 64 GB for fuck sake.

  • Sreejith Menon
    Sreejith Menon

    Dude what about the main two points 1) in android I can use the phone with one hand one finger. A swipe up from the bottom left or right is previous page and swipe up from center is home. In iphone this cannot be done as I have to reach to top left corner to click the back button. So iphone cannot be used one hand one finger.. 2) No slots for dual sim.

  • Denise Nunya
    Denise Nunya

    Speaking of Siri, my Siri doesn’t even know he’s in an iPhone! I ask him how do I do something simple “on this phone” (or even when I say on this iPhone 11 Pro Max) and instead of just telling me he sends me to Google and gives me the info on how to do that thing on an android for god sake! Siri used to be able to answer simple questions what the hell happened? I’m paying $1000 for this damn phone and it doesn’t even know it’s an iPhone! If I had known how useless Siri had become I would not have ordered this phone two months ago. I’ve only made one payment on it but it’s beyond the return date. I would rather go with the 7+ I used to have than this thing that can’t even dictate two sentences without getting 90% of words wrong! I’ve had an iPhone since the first generation, which I still have and it still works! And since I have not updated the software in years it can still answer questions!!!!!!!

  • Memes Does Games
    Memes Does Games

    14:18 my iPhone battery just notified me lol

  • Syed Wasif Ahmed
    Syed Wasif Ahmed

    Agree with you on 10/10

  • Syed Wasif Ahmed
    Syed Wasif Ahmed

    Great content, thanks

  • Agent RedShirt
    Agent RedShirt

    One of my biggest gripes on apple, was downloading things from the store on something besides wifi. You cant update the phone if you arent on wifi, even tho now with 5G, is actually faster than my home wifi. I have unlimited data. I dont need Apple to say 'This is over 100MB, come back when you are on Wifi"

  • Sayer Mowat Archive Channel
    Sayer Mowat Archive Channel

    What's the lockscreen at 4:22 cos I need that in my life


    you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

  • 100k

    imagine if apple watches this video

  • Danny Fairburn
    Danny Fairburn

    People complaining about usb-c not on an iPhone 🤦‍♂️ wired world and I can charge my iPhone anywhere with 1 lead

    • Linas


  • Bella A
    Bella A

    bro just use android

  • Sophia V
    Sophia V


  • _-Green-_-Ghost -_-Wolf-_
    _-Green-_-Ghost -_-Wolf-_

    How 3:22 app pls

  • Jakub Jaček
    Jakub Jaček

    so... im a classic guy im not gona biy the new apple phoenes cause of camera size and stupid no button with the button i hate the fact that the tab with the wifi sound etc is coming from top and what chamge id like to do is ad sharp edges to the se that would be awesome nicest modern phone apple has made + you can see the % just buy a notmal phone like 2020 se or anything below x

  • A Zelenovic
    A Zelenovic

    Basically iphone is for simple people... android is for creative people lol

  • Michał Siwek
    Michał Siwek

    I like the video, but it’s funny how just about every absent thing which you would like to see in an iPhone is a reason why I prefer iPhones over other phones 😀

  • Wasif Sarwer
    Wasif Sarwer

    *Arun:* BATTERY SUX MATE! *Apple:* K, we hear you... *_iPhone13 Pro Max 10 hour battery life_*

  • Osman Uddin
    Osman Uddin

    In iphone serise. Only I'm used But I convert my brain to one plus .and # pixel??

  • space gamer
    space gamer

    im using a 6 s iphone rn

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    Apple and Google is nothing Google is sometimes not nothing destroy evil Apple 🍏

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    No privacy

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    Comedy moment of iphone as a plate starts at 1:35 and ends at 1:42 cat 🐈 it is like food on a iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

  • Md aetesam uddin
    Md aetesam uddin

    He wants apple to install android in it!!!!!!

  • JacobDOEStuff

    Something I would really like/need is that I wanna upload videos of me playing music. I would like a metronome and the only one I usually have is on my phone which I would use to record. Make camera able to be used simultaneously with other apps like videos can.

  • R

    unfortunately Steve jobs is not with us anymore. leaving the Face ID only in 2021 is unforgiven to me, Its slow and let me watch my phone when I don't have to and with the mask its not working. this is ignoring what's going on in the world in the past 2y with the covid.

  • Leprechaun

    5:18 TEEEEMOOOOO!!

  • mimrora

    I miss the finger print scanner! The swiping up on the lock screen is annoying

The Apple Master Plan.
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