Calyx OS - The next big Android Competitor!?
Calyx OS vs normal Google Android 12 - Everything you need to know...and whether Google should be worried 👀 Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free! (I mention 81%, but its actually 83%!)

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I did not realise so many of you would click this video 😂 Stay for a fun easter egg right at the very end 👀 To see the Ultimate Tech fails video:

    • Ed’s Adventures
      Ed’s Adventures


    • 112deeps

      Have two phone private calyx & android?

    • Damo Spearzo
      Damo Spearzo

      Fairphone would be the ultimate match for CalyxOS, they make sustainable, right to repair phones, that are great quality and environmentally friendly. The phone would have it all 1. Great secure and private OS 2. Great quality phone. 3. Sustainable 4. Based on right to repair 5. 5 year warranty 6. Spare parts for all of the phone 7. A company that pays fair and equitable wages, to suppliers and emplyees

    • Stéphane Ernst
      Stéphane Ernst

      the easter egg is at 0:54 : HTC selling a lot ;) arf good old days ;)

    • Ice Lemon Tea - Brawl Stars
      Ice Lemon Tea - Brawl Stars


  • Contact Me To Get Office 365
    Contact Me To Get Office 365

    👆My name says the purpose of this comment Mmmmmy

  • Toni

    I've tried it but it just feels very outdated when compared to stock android and now I don't even care about Google collecting data on me because there software is unmatchable.

  • Ank55o7


  • Love Srivastav
    Love Srivastav

    Android does have these features to turn of accesses to Google, but Google still can collect data, so how can I be so sure that these guys are not collecting data.

  • Dikel Tripura
    Dikel Tripura

    Love from bangladesh🇧🇩

  • OfficialJeffCline

    Whats the difference from this OS and graphene OS? I use graphene OS on one of my devices but I am not seeing a huge difference between graphene OS and Calyx OS.

  • mandingo

    Finally software underground organisation's can use with out looking over there shoulder 😂

  • Hinata

    try the no beard filter

  • Greg Singleton
    Greg Singleton

    Soon as it’s global I’m down. Ready!

  • Axiiel

    Comment Bots ATTTTACCKK MEEE!

  • Charselord Tech
    Charselord Tech

    But it is not available in all android

  • Bangkecicek

    Xiaomi decide to use calyx OS, Google Block all his applications on calyx OS, Bye bye Xiaomi I hope Google buy that calyx OS, and Make it Premium android

  • donart

    i'm definitely going to ditch apple when i eventually get a new phone, and I really want to install Calyx when I get it!

  • House And Lot Finder ph
    House And Lot Finder ph

    fb will block ur account when ur ip is changing so much

  • House And Lot Finder ph
    House And Lot Finder ph

    this is the professors fone

  • Kjimh Dimabogte
    Kjimh Dimabogte

    It's just a rip-off of Android they modified it to look better and I don't trust new OS

  • chris cho
    chris cho

    So basically, you rather give up your personal data to his unknown band than google .. um...

  • toshineon

    Me: I really like to see more alternatives to the usual OSes we get on phones Swedish mandatory electronic ID: not if we can help it

  • Joseph Stalin Biden Communist Sniff Lord
    Joseph Stalin Biden Communist Sniff Lord

    I love how everyone thinks you have privacy using this. if you are connected to a cell radio tower them you are being tracked

  • The Wicked Savage
    The Wicked Savage

    No thanks I'll stay with I'm iphone

  • jose bolanos
    jose bolanos

    So is there hope for huaweii?

  • firdaus bin abd muttalib
    firdaus bin abd muttalib

    Ads are the reason why companies are able to afford to sell cheap and powerful phones like the Poco series. Stop being foolish.

  • firdaus bin abd muttalib
    firdaus bin abd muttalib

    This anti tailored advertising attitude is childish. Rather than being bombarded by irrelevant ads, I'd rather be swarmed by ads about things I do care about or actually want.

  • godric

    am in

  • Ming Yee Lim
    Ming Yee Lim

    Sorry.. i guess the title is quite misleading... CalyxOS is yet another Android OS Distri.. just like Huawei's HarmonyOS.. It's not an Android's how Android foundation meant to be.. just like Linux.. it has multiple distri..

  • Mouse

    ASUS! OEM to ASUS that's a foot in the door get in with the gamers and the others will follow

  • eddie farrell
    eddie farrell

    It won't be long before Google will block this system off it system it's like piggy. Backing on google

  • Ganesh Doiphode
    Ganesh Doiphode

    Nice Catch...👏👏👏

  • Yandu Oudanta
    Yandu Oudanta

    KUF SpyDroid

  • JustHanz

    In the old times there was oppo n1 with the custom rom cyanogenmod pre installed.

  • Kecske Gaming
    Kecske Gaming

    do calxy os for windows 11 pls 😂

  • Florider_HD

    Nothing really happened since then did it

  • Miles Harrington
    Miles Harrington

    Wait... this guy has got a milliom subs in one month? WOW.... 10 million by the end of the year EZ

  • S.I.Rafael98

    Why would i care if google can track me? The have been doing this for so many years...

  • Shawn Ethan
    Shawn Ethan

    In the end they will also share info…jst like the rest.. matter of time

  • Bipin Sapkota
    Bipin Sapkota

    lets laugh at once

  • Rottytops

    I feel like you come out with alternative android video like every year

  • Rumi

    Signal? Isnt that it is actually developed by fbi and mi6? Its been reveal few months ago isnt it?

  • Aadith playz
    Aadith playz

    Why is use a iphone and not andriod

  • ihsaan S A
    ihsaan S A

    Million funda

  • BITU


  • RdmX11

    trick shot!!!

  • DTF Mysterios
    DTF Mysterios

    I think that if you found a place in the Middle of android callyx os then that would be great

  • Heretic Hunter
    Heretic Hunter

    Ugh! Never fails. Every time someone gets this amazing idea, they release support for 10 phones and then die over the next 4 years.

  • Jozo99

    well, Calyx OS IS Android. So nothing new here, mate. Just another reskinned piece of crap.

  • Toxic Cookie
    Toxic Cookie

    comment bots Im here

  • crazy People crazy
    crazy People crazy

    Thanks brother for sharing this type knowledge. I may share this to others also This OS IS GAME CHANGER

  • Toxic Cookie
    Toxic Cookie

    Lol this is gonna get comment botted

  • Md Arif
    Md Arif


  • 탄

    Even if it's open source, Google still owns android. Which means that they can merge or reject any pull request to the codebase which makes any company using it very dependent on Google choices. It's the same for Chromium, the fact that other browsers like Brave use it, doesn't change their almost monopoly on the browser world and therefore on the future of web standards.

  • Levn Ozy
    Levn Ozy

    ❤🤩 Samsung

  • Leopold Stotch
    Leopold Stotch

    I hope they bring this to all the chinese brands, they argubaly need it most

  • Irwin Espinoza
    Irwin Espinoza

    How do I get this

  • gadgetman

    How do they make money tho? I think its incredibly important that they are open with that. They need to be able to reliably make money without user data! Otherwise imo its only a matter of time before they cave and become a second android OR collapse altogether.

  • Alex Palenscar
    Alex Palenscar

    I wonder how many tries it took to catch the ketchup bottle, let alone make it look easy.

  • Gerardo Herrera Diaz
    Gerardo Herrera Diaz

    So, it's just a ROM?

  • ୡଌ ଚ୍ଚୁ
    ୡଌ ଚ୍ଚୁ

    I want samsung to go use calyx

  • borg111

    It would be great if a Chinese cell phone company under the control of a communist government would support cell phone privacy for customers.

  • Grayson Carter
    Grayson Carter

    Xiaomi makes great hardware, they are held back entirely due to the CCP which is the same reason the could never run this as an OEM operating system. They could easily make their own OS with their own apps but with the Chinese government having so much control over everything China makes they would give way more of your info than what Google already does. This is if far more likely to be used in a phone from south Korea or even Russia but Russia at this point is more likely to use a Linux phone. You can get most of these features by rooting and installing a degoogled Rom, fdroid is easily downloadable, acmarket, Aptoide and many other app stores are available.

  • ChubbySeal

    Bro, running CalyxOS on a Google phone is badass..

    • T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
      T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

      Very informative video. Although I don't think it's smart to conclude that since it's open source "there are no hidden trackers or spyware". Open source is great, but somebody qualified needs to spend the time auditing the source code to make sure it's clean. (I'm not suggesting anything about Calyx OS. Just a general comment.)

  • Dexter Man
    Dexter Man

    I don't need no rollercoaster, the camera movements is this video are nauseating enough :) sorry bout that, but it felt a tad too much. Nice video :)

  • ULOP3Z

    The OS fails. Like every other one

    • Radplay

      Why though?

  • Jake Jago
    Jake Jago

    Could this be a life line OS for huawei??

  • Sam Abtahi
    Sam Abtahi

    The same way android users hate iPhone, coming from a Samsung phone the experience is so different that I hate stock android. It's 2 years behind

  • Checkpo1nt's Computer Corner
    Checkpo1nt's Computer Corner

    Did you see the ketchup bottle being caught by mysterious hands?

  • The Summoner
    The Summoner

    They guy that caught the ketchup LOL

  • Malawi supasoldier
    Malawi supasoldier

    We need a calyx os version of chrome os

  • FryingRonald

    2:53 as a C programmer, I think it's trying to allocate and dereference some memory location.

    • UpolPi

      Hi, fellow software engineer!

  • Diego KRUGER
    Diego KRUGER

    Clear phone

  • Diego KRUGER
    Diego KRUGER

    Calyx OS or Graphene ?

    • Shengud

      Calyx OS has support for Micro G and is a bit faster. Graphene is even better for privacy. I'd personally say that Calyx is better.

  • Al

    The perfect phone for a criminal.

  • fourtt apps
    fourtt apps


  • James Laws
    James Laws

    i wish this was available for samsung phones

  • Alin Ionita
    Alin Ionita

    Somehow this video made me more worried then relaxed that there is someone working for privacy. I would like to say, well I have an iPhone, but I thinks it’s same situation. And people worries about covid vaccine and 5G and staff. They should watch this video.

  • Don’t ask
    Don’t ask

    I want this better I need this

  • Coldlock

    can anyone tell what the mobile is that?

    • Shengud

      Google Pixel.

  • Алексей Прасол
    Алексей Прасол

    it's still android. it's not a new os, just another custom rom. Most (even stock) android roms have a feature to disable internet for a specific app

  • The PAHADI vlogs
    The PAHADI vlogs

    RSloft vanced +micro g it's a great combination

  • Levn Ozy
    Levn Ozy

    Pls a Video about Samsung Galaxy a12

  • Zion K
    Zion K

    im tired of being tracked on my phone ill just make it myself

  • Michael Heath
    Michael Heath

    I would still rather have a pixel. This is a Andriloid phone for IOS users..

  • Taufik Lama
    Taufik Lama

    Is there a chance to install this OS on a scamsung device?

  • Mihail Ionescu
    Mihail Ionescu

    How about Cryptodata phones ?

  • Brian on a mission
    Brian on a mission

    So how all phones should always be?

  • Santi


  • miuqom2

    If calyx takes off i am swtching.

    • miuqom2

      @Shengud oh, ok im new to youtube so what is a bot account?

    • Shengud

      @miuqom2 It's a bot account.

    • miuqom2

      @T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me lmao why do the hell do you respect him for that, alot of people have a mirror cube, its not special

  • Nicolas Marshall
    Nicolas Marshall

    Might be one of your most important videos so far. Thanks !

  • Mr.Prashant Sharma
    Mr.Prashant Sharma

    Nice Catch 😂😂😂

  • pay zad
    pay zad

    Mrwhosethboss channel is fake Be careful he cheated me $ 141

  • † Max Power †
    † Max Power †

    Pretty amazing idea, and project could very well end up big.

  • Justin Augustus
    Justin Augustus

    Take a shot everytime he says privacy

  • eastbound

    why you using ketchup?

  • Abbas Ali
    Abbas Ali

    This os have root access?

  • Abbas Ali
    Abbas Ali

    Love that cat

  • PCFreak

    Google didn't make Android, they bought it


    you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

  • Namehimbob


  • Precious Chuks
    Precious Chuks

    Can't wait to see how far this goes!. Beautiful review by the way!

  • Damo Spearzo
    Damo Spearzo

    Fairphone would be the ultimate match for CalyxOS, they make sustainable, right to repair phones, that are great quality and environmentally friendly. The phone would have it all 1. Great secure and private OS 2. Great quality phone. 3. Sustainable 4. Based on right to repair 5. 5 year warranty 6. Spare parts for all of the phone 7. A company that pays fair and equitable wages, to suppliers and emplyees

    • Damo Spearzo
      Damo Spearzo

      @Andy BlinkBlink They did not say to keep it on the down low, so i hope i haven't given too much away, but i have very reliable info that says Calyx has had talks with Fairphone in the past, and after the Android 12 update, they intend to restart those talks again.

    • Andy BlinkBlink
      Andy BlinkBlink

      genius idea, hopefully they do it