24 HOTTEST Inventions that will change your Life.
24 of the HOTTEST inventions of all time, with each one hotter than the last 🔥
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    • Yoru Emiya
      Yoru Emiya

      Warhammer 40k warhammer 40k mechadendrites here we go yeah!


      It’s fine and great vids good luck

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      Chintha Sri Harsha

      How the horse move in that chess board... 😕

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      Wind box


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      Lincoln Goodman

      Make another one, this is the video that made me sub.

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    Daniel Chrysalis

    Lol cone of silence!

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    Geo Cabral

    this man really rick rolled us with a yu gi oh card

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    Hey Guys ur so Awesome

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    3:35 thats what she said

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    Mike C

    Neverwet... Like every woman I try to pickup 😫 I feel personally attacked

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    Mike C

    Dude the rocket skates are like heelies on crack. I was rolling everywhere around middle school in 7th grade. I too was not cool

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    Love from bangladesh🇧🇩

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    11:00 we rickrolled :D

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    Egg the Omelette

    15:29 So we have glow berries in real life

  • aminoto

    Artificial people platform called Neon.. too close to Neo for my paranoid mind.. pretty soon Neuralink will be active and we will be able to enter the Neon platform ourselves, choose how we appear and no one will be able to tell the difference between a real person and the girl in the red dress.. red or blue pill time is not so far away now..

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    We need the starring on messages. I hate scrolling thru my past convos whenever I had to look up for some important messages that I have forgotten to copy or something.🙌

  • flat garfield
    flat garfield

    14:07 Sorry,pepsi contains some acids that can help older people digest foods

  • RobertBrz HeintzBrz
    RobertBrz HeintzBrz

    Eco lift is in use for over 10 years in southern Switzerland

  • Superkiwi

    Let's face it, the last one with fake people, there are some people working really hard right now to find a way to make it into porn

  • Razvan Rognean
    Razvan Rognean

    15:17 well that scared me

  • Random Humanoid Blob
    Random Humanoid Blob

    The thumb thing...finally, cats can get rid of us and take over the world

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      Random Humanoid Blob

      Soooo....you're an extremely erudite man with an extensive vocabulary on your videos but can't construct the most simple sentences in English? And I'd love to know what this magnificent prize is. Let me guess....hmmmm. The chance to give you all my info? Or you're fascinated by my feminine aura as displayed in my profile pic? Please, tell me more...

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      Random Humanoid Blob

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    That woman in the Samsung product is scary. Marxist? or, Lesbian and Marxist...but certainly a feminist nazi dishrag

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    Arun:The hello x2 is a touchscreen for laptops and computers Me: I use a computer that has touchscreen already with no hello x2

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      Scammer go away only allow someone else

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    Super hydro WHAT!!! CANCLED!!!!

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  • Sathyavathi Subramani
    Sathyavathi Subramani

    Arun, I Discovered My HOTTEST Inventions That Will Change Our LIFE, In RSloft, FOREVER. WE will Crawl, Walk, Run, Simba, Milos Together :D Who Needs All These TECH Gadgets, WE Will Their Helping Hands, Legs, Body, Soul, Heart, Mind, Spirit and Air.

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    24 hottest inventions? I think the guy talking is the hottest ;) no homo

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    cant wait to see someone dive to beat the bot only they can see lmao

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  • Manprit Sethi
    Manprit Sethi

    Last 2 or top 2 were put off. Specially the top one, this one seem to have different ramifications. Are we taking tech or AI bit too far.

  • Nithin

    17:05 this is actually scary why would you want it

  • Nithin

    12:50 what's the point of the locking the wheels people will just take the whole ass bike lol

  • Nithin

    11:20 I legit don't believe this. There aren't really any good affordable (like for homes not hololens) ar hmd's

  • Nithin

    phantom board has existed since mine 2016. it's literally wizard's chess though it's hella cool

  • Nithin

    the bike one is actually amazing because once you do physically demanding exercise the reality kind of blurs and it becomes really immersive

  • connorandconnor

    I have the LED temperature sensor for my shower head

  • Test ing
    Test ing

    The mouth toothbrush thing sucks, I got one and I used it for a month, I had to go under twice because of plaque build up.

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez

    12:05 oh, so Air Gear in real life then

  • CodeX!

    Imagine kids learning AI and neural network😂.......

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    Asheimgutten 2

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    12:05 I remember a guy who tried to make his own rocket skates. His first name is Johnny.

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    Isaac Sosa

    Lol man’s so famous that he got sponsored by android lol

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    Phantom Chess Board is my FAVORITE. I am a chess nerd...

  • TuBuh_

    I expected him to just pop up and say Fire. Next.

  • Cheesecake8069

    Most blind people wear sunglasses outside because being blind for most people ends up creating abnormality in the eyes, greying, pointing different directions ect

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    Saif Ullah

    Your my favoritt youtuber🤩🤩

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    Marcus Marcus

    I think my dad had nr 11, 10 years ago tho

  • Marcus Marcus
    Marcus Marcus

    Number 17...

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    Dontray The Savant

    They don't know about Dark magician...blue eyes white dragon...oblesk the tormenter

  • Sathyavathi Subramani
    Sathyavathi Subramani

    Arun, I Love Drinking Water, Stored in an Earthern Ware Vessel (Traditionally Made from Clay), and From an Earthenware Tumbler, Just so, I Could Inhale FRESH EARTH (SOIL) SMELL. Very Similar to Smell of Soil, Just after Rains :)

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    Mohammad Maruf

    wow android directly sponsors you!

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    That chess board is pretty badass

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    Fasto 736

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    Sakshi Negi

    Sir I want to buy a new mobile which one shall j go for oneplus 9 pro or Google pixel 6?


    8:39 DEM TOES

    • H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel
      H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel

      The AI kinda terrified me. Imagine you got a girlfriend and when you finally want to propose to her she finally revealed she is an AI. That is just,CRAZY.

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    What is the song on 4:02?

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    Odbilig Amartuvshin

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    I keep getting ads for those lazy readers glasses on this video

  • ali rich exposing spy ninja secrets
    ali rich exposing spy ninja secrets


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    some things simply reflect the patheticnes of this generation &/ mankind in general

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    The worst and best one is at 18:12 np next time dont watch this dude

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    The video: talks about the thing that clips onto glasses RSloft: oh! I will now give you an ad for that!

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    IPlayGamez Unedited

    The phantom chess board reminds me of magic chess from Harry potter

  • BruhAzalea

    I feel like the hoverboard would’ve been on this list if it was 2016.

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    -just stopping by with a friendly hello, and to say that i ♥️♥️♥️ yur content.

  • The First Moron
    The First Moron

    I'm not blind but the reason that a lot of people who are blind have glasses is because their sunglasses that block their eyes so that people don't have to look at their eyes cuz most of the time their eyes are deformed in some way

  • Myles Bryan
    Myles Bryan

    mans is in 3000

  • Buddy Sings
    Buddy Sings

    5:20 a dentist on RSloft tested this out and it does not clean well

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    Bhupen Huidrom

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    Hamayuon Ahmady

    Those toothbrushes don’t work I have one

  • Marco 86
    Marco 86

    You put the useless extra thumb second and gave it a 9/10 I csnt see anywhere where the thumb would actually be useful where we do stuff now and think oh if only we have an extra finger.

    • Gia Lacey
      Gia Lacey

      Gorgeous voice, mannerisms and precious little cat. Well done mate, keep it up please!

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    Ur Dada

    Best thing in the world - British guy saying bottle of water

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    Uses iPhone Sponsored by android.😂😂😂😅

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      When android directly sponsors you, you know you are very special and loved

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    Petr (Peter) Rybyanets

    Rick card lmao

  • Petr (Peter) Rybyanets
    Petr (Peter) Rybyanets

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  • Petr (Peter) Rybyanets
    Petr (Peter) Rybyanets

    Lovely aromies lolllll

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    Grundle Foot

    The thing about the ecolift trash and is that it poses a slight danger, incase something happens and someone falls down into it

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    Emilias Märchenwelt

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    Liam johnson

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    Carlo Bartina

    Number 1 is trash lmao

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  • SketchSlayer

    When your transplant organ in en route via a drone and some guy with a rock manages to down it... Yeah I don't think I trust a drone to withstand the human element in any urgent delivery role.

  • 1will2000will1

    I think those glasses could actually be helpful for people with chronic back/neck pain

  • lunarhoundog Radebe
    lunarhoundog Radebe


  • Fearz

    I have a glowing faucet but instead of it glowing orange it glows green and it’s really helpful if you want to have a bath in medium temperature water and for just washing your hands

  • Ayishath Thameeza A N
    Ayishath Thameeza A N

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    Ryder Perry

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    Memes n Shet

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  • The pickle man
    The pickle man

    *#24 is just human discord*

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    Vincent Koenst

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    Rich Briere

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    S Choudhury

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  • blamblamboomboom

    Me: * randomly pointing at stuff so I can see* The people around me: *confused noises*

  • Deme Kagamine
    Deme Kagamine

    Blind doesn't always mean complete blindness. For example you can have such low vision that all you can basically see is if something is bright or dim. Another example is people that can only see a very large shape like a telephone pole if they get close enough. And about the glasses thing even if someone is completely blind they might wear a pair of sunglasses for different reasons. Hope that cleared up anything about the myeye use circumstance. And if anyone has further questions related to blindness I'll be more than happy to share info

  • Ammata Thammavongsa
    Ammata Thammavongsa

    The pretty oval meteorologically matter because step-grandfather especially avoid at a lucky asphalt. gaping, dusty criminal

  • Janette Pech
    Janette Pech

    Is there more & more detailed review on the bike?

  • Santi

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    Logan Ayers

    Can’t use the mouthpiece toothbrush anytime soon because of braces.

    • H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel
      H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel

      The AI kinda terrified me. Imagine you got a girlfriend and when you finally want to propose to her she finally revealed she is an AI. That is just,CRAZY.

  • lollokek

    In germany we say: "Was ist AirUp eigentlich?"

    • H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel
      H0T-Vlog Go to My Channel

      “Why would a blind person have glasses?” had me dead 💀🤣

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