22 NIGHTMARE Tech FAILS they want us to forget.
22 of the Worst Tech fails of ALL Time. Including Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, GoPro, Blockbuster and much more 😈 To see previous episodes of Tech fails: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMWlR...

0:00 Fail 22
0:45 Fail 21
1:38 Fail 20
2:40 Fail 19
3:44 Fail 18
5:18 Fail 17
6:52 Fail 16
8:27 Fail 15
9:56 Fail 14
11:29 Fail 13
13:39 Fail 12
15:38 Fail 11
16:52 Fail 10
18:48 Fail 9
20:13 Fail 8
22:40 Fail 7
24:38 Fail 6
26:14 Fail 5
27:38 Fail 4
28:54 Fail 3
30:23 Fail 2
32:59 Fail 1

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Almost 15 days of prep later, here you go, no nonsense, no sponsors, just a straight 36 minute MONSTER Tech video 😂. To see the rest of the Tech Fails series: rsloft.info/loft/video/g7CI0Iu90XK7f2k

    • KOFFIN nails
      KOFFIN nails

      #5 wasn't netflix it was red box. They also got sued from them fro the same thing. A little off but close

    • Skull

      Hey how are you. Are you having a good day?

    • Blark Blark
      Blark Blark

      There will always be a next big thing!....🤔 that's true in business

    • Chidi Anuforo
      Chidi Anuforo

      I just remembered the Samsung Galaxy Home was a smart speaker Samsung never released.

    • Flame


  • Echo

    "You're probably using the RSloft app, Chrome, or even Safari" Edge Users: *sadness*

  • Piet Repiet
    Piet Repiet

    Misinformation. After his lost, he wanted to concentrate on the movie. He said that in a Interview. But Warner Bros are too much helicoptering him, so he stepped back...


    Why is the vita on the thumb nail knowing there’s a whole community dedicated to making it one of the best handhelds ever made ?

  • RaikiTube

    XBox User: Xbox is op Normal person (aka PS User: You mean XRefirgirator but makes things hot.

  • Thot Patrol
    Thot Patrol

    Btw country’s like Saudi Arabia has same thing as the app like the uk called tawakana and all public areas require that to enter

  • Oopsitsdeleted

    What about tech wins? Basically the opposite of this. Like how AMD became the best chip brand after Zen.

  • blackhole private limited
    blackhole private limited

    When I see ur video I get dell advertisement 3 to 5 times while I see other channel like ijustine and Linus tech I. Don't get the ads are u doing this or utube doing this ???????❓❓❓❓❓

  • Arif TechHunt
    Arif TechHunt

    তার চেহারা ভঙ্গিটা হাস্যকর!

  • Driving On Fire
    Driving On Fire

    Playstation portable is very good I even enjoyed it

  • Jonathan Gallup
    Jonathan Gallup

    I loved Kinect as a kid. I'd play it for hours with my family. It was so immersive.


    I have xbox 360

  • D B
    D B

    The fact they basically threw away 37bn is not talked about enough in this country!!!

  • itrasheditgood

    I had no idea that smellovision was an actual thing.

  • Jizjaz

    this was posted on my birthday

  • Vinnie Chan
    Vinnie Chan

    that FYRE fest was fucking hilarious like rich ppl complain about being treated like refugees

  • William Huang
    William Huang

    For the NHS app, why did it cost 22 billion pounds? The NZ Covid Tracer App apparently only cost 6.4 million dollars to set up.

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    I remember when Netflix first started with the dvd by mail thing and I was thinking "that sounds stupid" I also liked vista and didn't see what all the hate was about 😅🤦 and this is why I'm not a business owner... or a gambler

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    I don't understand how or why things are being rated the way they are... 4/10 fail for a movie losing 16million dollars. That sounds like a 20/10 fail

  • BadAtGames

    Have you ever given something a 1/10 fail rating?

  • Dikel Tripura
    Dikel Tripura

    Love from bangladesh🇧🇩

  • Billy Rybka
    Billy Rybka

    Unfortunately as of right now marvel and DC arent even in the same class when it comes to movie quality and story telling. Marvel has made 24 Films & 5 shows that are all linked together by a broader overarching story. Its amazing storytelling. DC on the otherhand has made a bunch of movies that really dont connect. There are at minimum 3 differrent types of Batman movies that alll cancel out one another. One is coming up this year as well. IF Zach Snyder can create his vision for the DCU then oh man. Id be SIKED! I would love to see more movies like his jusitce league. It was so good!

    • arun r
      arun r

      I too am genuinely confused. Why do you think that a connected universe is better than standalone films? The Batman (2022) for example looks really good and TDK was amazing too. I don't think it matters if the films are connected or not. What matters is the plot and execution. Thor 2 and Captain Marvel were both critical flops.

    • Floyd Williams
      Floyd Williams

      your entire premise is that a story is only good if it's connected to an extended universe, why?

  • djdayton 11
    djdayton 11

    did anyone else see that he used an xbox 360 in place of an xbox one 14:13

  • Villain deku [V]
    Villain deku [V]

    19:37 yay kuala lumpur- sorry

  • Gabby Green
    Gabby Green

    The zesty string symptomatically knit because fang osmotically sin underneath a vulgar sandra. strong, gabby salt

  • Iona Mae Cunningham
    Iona Mae Cunningham

    The track and trace was the biggest scandal of the century everyone knows it parliament really screwed up

  • Jeremiah Sanadion
    Jeremiah Sanadion

    Yeah please tell me where to get that PS5?

  • KiongSS

    damn the last one smells like corruption

  • Samurai memes
    Samurai memes

    What about the OUYA. That did horrible

  • Travizzle Produces
    Travizzle Produces

    you make alot of awesome points

  • MultiDakman

    Excel 1997, what were they thinking

  • Mitchi Bell
    Mitchi Bell

    1:39. That's all you need.

  • GettyImages

    i actually have a 3D player, it didnt work. at all.

  • T O A S T E R  O V E N
    T O A S T E R O V E N

    "Nobody chose internet explorer" my grandpa in 2019: "I like internet explorer its fast"

  • Leo Rat
    Leo Rat

    PS vita is my entire childhood😩

  • The super duper everything channel. indev
    The super duper everything channel. indev

    11:01 Me when I finally Rick roll someone.

  • Xavier Bell
    Xavier Bell

    11:05 Never gonna give up a chance for a rickroll

  • Spino_zaur RBLX
    Spino_zaur RBLX

    did anyone punch their screen?

  • #Syed Kumail Mehdi
    #Syed Kumail Mehdi

    I still use Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer)

  • mineblox

    I thought there wasn't a rickroll in this video

  • Quetzali Ostrich
    Quetzali Ostrich

    You mean with 11 billion pounds you could end homelessness in the uk? But they spent double on *that* !

  • Max Champness
    Max Champness

    I still use my kinect

  • Monsta-m8

    Do you know Gemma ward

  • Josh's Bookish Voyage
    Josh's Bookish Voyage

    I liked 3D, and bought a 3D tv back in 2012, but it wears off. The attempt at depth made the content visual quality lower. That's only exacerbated by the rise of 4K. I'd much rather have visual clarity over 3D.

  • Gator Adams
    Gator Adams

    Cambridge analytica sratrted with Obama. How political of you

  • KittyB Gaming
    KittyB Gaming

    The weirdest thing is.. I’ve always used explorer than chrome (fucking hate chrome) and kept using explorer until it blocked the use of flash before flash died. So I obviously moved to Firefox and I use it today over Chrome. I miss explorer

  • Ashutosh Ojha
    Ashutosh Ojha

    Very good video

  • Eric Merwin
    Eric Merwin

    Did anyone notice he Rick rolled us?

  • TheYEETDude

    I have an Xbox one and it is good

  • Hercule Joestar
    Hercule Joestar

    The connect is not a fail or close to it's literally used to this day for a huge variety of professional reasons

  • Sean Connor
    Sean Connor

    Aye why did you show all of Ireland as the uk. I’m onto you, now where’s those free ps5s?

  • Storm

    I am wondering if 1400 is enough for a gaming pc?

  • Disguysaysda

    NHs Test & Trace is fucking garbage! united kingdom, what are you doing with yourself????

  • Cgdis_marc112

    10:58 i got rucked rolled 🤣

  • Arkangel Arkangel
    Arkangel Arkangel

    I'm 48 and I swear virtual boy ruined my eyesight with that evil red glow. The games were lame and playing was as comfortable as getting an eye exam.

  • Jozef Behran
    Jozef Behran

    11:10 Not to mention that considerable amount of people are simply not able to watch this type of '3D" for extended periods of time without severe headaches.

  • The Controller Team
    The Controller Team

    Yet windows still wont preinstall chrome. Like actually who uses bing

  • Simplest Mathematics
    Simplest Mathematics

    OUYA? Wii U?

  • Baffle Blend
    Baffle Blend

    People I can think of who would get some real, non-novelty use out of the iSmell: • People training to be able to recognize the smell of different substances, especially hazardous ones, without putting themselves at risk • Writers who want to be able to describe a scene more immersively, since smell is a harder sense to imagine than sight or hearing if you've never personally experienced a given thing before (a category which I am admittedly in) • ...that's pretty much it.

  • Dylhole

    He is being a little harsh on the avengers game it’s got a pretty big player base and has good mechanics the micro transactions and sparse contact are definitely a problem but this video makes it seem like the reason it didn’t say I was because of the precious Hollywood MCU actors were the face models and that was just a really small fraction of Twitter people that have no idea these characters have existed since the 60s before any of these actors were born

  • Nicolas Cabrera
    Nicolas Cabrera


  • rimuru tempest ® 
    rimuru tempest ® 

    if i want to watch 3d i just go to cinema ,, that will be more cheap, 😂

  • Wes Taylor
    Wes Taylor

    "You have to keep evolving, to stay the best." Unless you're Apple.

  • Brian Garay
    Brian Garay

    The Snyder cut was a big W for me

  • Someone Far
    Someone Far

    iSmell didn't sound so bad an idea really. When I first played on a controller with force feedback, I thought it'd be so cool if there were smells too, like wet soil in off road driving games, forest smell, gun powder, burning tanks .... and all (with a smell control knob like volume control !!!! :) Also, smell of fresh print while reading on Kindle!!

  • Aikawa Kano Ch.
    Aikawa Kano Ch.

    Nintendo could come out with the Virtual Boy 2.0 today, as a REAL VR headset, and absolutely UNALIVE the market. As long as they can play the games people are playing, and a good amount of nintendo games, and have a better or equal headset, I see it happening.

  • Thorben von Rekowski
    Thorben von Rekowski

    The Kinect still wasn't a flop... Such an interesting thing for developers...

  • Aikawa Kano Ch.
    Aikawa Kano Ch.

    Onlive? Sounds like Stadia!

  • Aikawa Kano Ch.
    Aikawa Kano Ch.

    A lot of people use kinects today for full body tracking in VRChat. Would have been awesome to see this mentioned. Please do more extensive research to find out things like this.

  • Aikawa Kano Ch.
    Aikawa Kano Ch.

    I want the iSmell.

  • tien5tri

    Ok the xbox one launch fail deserves at least an 8/10 It was hilariously stupid and they just kept announcing dumb features for like 4 months straight to finally have sony give the 399 price Lol

  • Greg

    Did anyone notice he uses an xbox 360 picture instead of an xbox one at 14:14

  • LadyShay

    Idk about iSmell. Having a teapot ride smell like actual tea or a log ride smell like pine trees seems fun and all, but the last thing I want in a horror movie or a gross-out comedy is to smell rotting flesh from a stowed away dead body or sewage that the director thought was hilarious for some odd reason.

  • Michael Bonanno
    Michael Bonanno

    Did he just rick roll me?

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona

    I purchased one 3Dtv and wish a new one was available.

  • akidim13

    Not gonna lie , imagine watching a movie and then all of a sudden there’s a scene where they are baking a cake or something and you can smell it, I can see big companies paying big money to market through something like a ismell

  • Alessandro Oriani
    Alessandro Oriani

    It's funny how people that actually own a Kinect now days are seen as blessed ones. Beeing those things so useful for such a gigantic list of things. Actually I'm a bit surprised Microsoft gave the customers such a powerful device for a price that low. I actually loved to play with it as a kid, and hoped that with time it would have get just better and better, but instead it died out... And that is also one of the motivations I didn't buy an Xbox one. I had so many fun games that I really enjoyed with my Kinect and they were all put in the trash bin instead of beeing upgraded and polished with new versions. For me there wasn't any purpose in getting the new console🤷🏼‍♂️ I almost forgot how good it was, until sometime ago I hooked it up to my PC. And re-discovered how much potential and possibilities that thing had... I kind of wish that Microsoft turned back on his ideas and made possible that future that I hoped for as a kid.

  • Amy Moore
    Amy Moore

    Thanks I was going to bye a gopro

  • Deken Bolton
    Deken Bolton

    The oneplus I would say wasn't a true fail because I'm pretty sure that they didn't advertise that it was a smart watch

  • NellyTube

    Every time I heard the word “Microsoft” I immediately thought of Windows Mistake Edition

  • David Muhammad Jr.
    David Muhammad Jr.

    I think the usa response was the worst by far but I'm American sooo🇺🇸🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Contact Me To Get Office 365
    Contact Me To Get Office 365

    👆My name says the purpose of this comment

  • CatDemon757

    How much do you want to Rickroll your fans? Mrwhosetheboss: Yes

  • Very Uncorrect
    Very Uncorrect

    Look I know that the Xbox 360 Kinect is a failure but holy FUCK is it nostalgic for me, I used to play with it all the time with my friends and I loved it. I actually thought I was really bad at controlling the characters but now as I'm older I realise the Kinect was just terrible at tracking movement properly

  • Mr Globe
    Mr Globe

    I used to take the 3D glasses from the glasses bin I would take them home

  • sequelz&editz

    i want an ismell

  • pocketbookEra

    I am not into 3D 'cause my eyes hurt looking at the screen.

  • Dr Dust
    Dr Dust


  • Peter Aleksandrovich
    Peter Aleksandrovich

    The facebook scandal was hardly a "fail". It was more like a criminal act.

  • Alix Goldpoint
    Alix Goldpoint

    8:25 **dabz**

  • STEVE Stabber
    STEVE Stabber

    I realized I have an AMD CPU. That is why my PC is slow.

  • Maxine Caulfield
    Maxine Caulfield

    You're very uninformed about Kinect, it was in no way "objectively better" than the Wii, it barely worked.

  • Amir Roslan
    Amir Roslan

    Ahh classic government using covid to misuse public fund

  • Cythil

    I use Firefox and it, not chrome, was what started at least here to kill off IE dominance. Firefox also is a bit older than chrome, so it had a head start. Funny enough, it seems that Edge is slightly ahead of Firefox now in market shares. But not by much. But edge I bet is leveraging that old Windows default dominance that help IE. Which is also still used by over 3% of the uses. Chrome totally dominate the market. But I stick with my trusty Firefox that I think work better for me then chrome (Heck I use all the named browsers as backup if needed. Which almost is never. But the internet be weird sometimes.)

  • Kristine MacPherson
    Kristine MacPherson

    "Be kind! Please rewind!" Anybody remember that phrase?

  • Gil Medina
    Gil Medina

    I’m really glad that I can’t smell the internet

  • snow

    Kinect nem é tão horrível assim

  • Stephen Eyles
    Stephen Eyles

    My employer rolled out the Track and Trace app to our company phones. I NEVER opened the app, and never scanned any of the QR codes stuck up everywhere... Somehow managed to see this side of the pandemic without being infected! Thanks NHS, now get on with doing what you're supposed to do!